Conversations with Christopher: Garnet

(Picking up from last Monday with Christopher and the twitchy young dwarf with dissheveled whiskers.)

Christopher: So you think your move to the cottage, maybe even your occupation of the mine you work in is part of a design? Not only Nimmie Not’s, but Prunella the Dragon’s?

Garnet: (twirls a whisker around a finger) Design is such a grand word. I would think most kobolds would get impatient with a design. Oh, they love their mischief, schemes, plots, tricks, and games, but a design? Not even Nimmie Not could concentrate on a design long enough to see it through.

Christopher: While a dragon would?

Garnet: A grand plan for a grand beast. Designs are just the sort of thing a dragon could occupy themselves with for centuries, piece by piece, strand by strand.

Christopher: You speak as one familar with dragons.

Garnet: Heh, no, I’m not. Cheeky of me to talk that way when I’ve been luckier than some dwarves unfortunate enough to cross a dragon’s path.

Christopher: You’ve crossed Prunella’s path or Prunella crossed yours.

Garnet: True. We met Prunella and it was no accident. They have a purpose for us, my brothers and I. At least they have one for Quartz. May boulder and stone help him if he disappoints.

Christopher: Is Prunella that terrifying?

Garnet: Terrifying and enormous. Not to mention their breath is terrible. Don’t let their name fool you.

Christopher: What do you think Prunella’s purpose is?

Garnet: I’m not sure. Right now they’re having Quartz gather stones which can be used to channel healing energy. This doesn’t sound so bad, only…

Christopher: Only?

Garnet: Wouldn’t it be easier to have all of us gather the stones? Only Quartz is doing it, though, Just Quartz. I’m not sure if that’s Prunella’s design or that Quartz took their request completely on himself. He hasn’t asked any of us for help. He’s just digging them up and taking them to the riddle coordinates that Prunella gave him. And…

Christopher: And?

Garnet: I’ve seen the stones he’s picking out. They’re all used to channel healing energy, like I said. Gathering that many of them in one place suggests they’re needed for a huge healing endeavor. Which means someone is going to get hurt. Bad.

Christopher: Do you have any idea whom that someone might be?

Garnet: No, but I’ll wager Quartz does. (He scowls.) I wish he’d tell us, his brothers, more of what’s going on. I wish he’d let us help.

Christopher: Maybe you can ask if you can?

Garnet: Right and I’ll wager all the porridge in my next bowl he’ll tell me no, to go do something else, something useful. If I’m serious about helping him, I’ll have to find a sneaky way to do it.

Christopher: Be careful. Sneaking with the best of intentions can go wrong in unexpected ways.

Garnet: Right. What else can I do? I can’t let Quartz do this alone, whatever this is. I have to sneak.

Christopher: Good luck.

Garnet: Thank’ee.

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