Z is for Zenobia

Change is a force capable of rocking the coils of Ouroboros, forcing us to cling to those very coils for survival, unless we have the will to drive our sword deep into the meat of the coil, using our focus to anchor ourselves to this World of Ouroboros, piercing the heart of all things, making certain we’ve left our mark upon it. This is what we, Zenobia of Kalanthia, have always striven to do. Seeing the Serpent rise to swallow us all, we sought to chain Her along with Her brood, binding them to ourselves and the empire. We’ve always collected the finest and cleverest of slaves, in spite of the risk, for they gave us insight into the Serpent, creating a connection between ourselves and Her. We would rather stab this world in the gut than simply submit to its whims. This doesn’t mean as we cannot smile or come to a civilized agreement with other sentiment creatures or ruling powers, such as Serena Jasior. We just need to keep our eye on both of Serena’s hands, for we’re guessing that she, too, is concealing a blade behind her back, just waiting to drive it into our guts. What’s worse is she keeps an unchained Serpent-Born at her side, offering him as marriage bait to those seeking alliance. Such reckless folly doesn’t suit a crowned head. Never mind, we’ll smile and play her game right up to the point where we snatch her prize our of her hands. We’ll show the world how the Serpent-Born should be treated. Perhaps we shouldn’t judge Serena Jasior too harshly for her indulgence. Stephen Jasior is a lovely creature, it’s true. No daughter of civilzation can deny the power of beauty, including ourselves. At the same time, no crowned head lets itself be ruled by beauty, no for long. Not if it wishes to continue wearing a crown. Anywone who seeks to sway our heart with such sentiment strikes steel. This is A Suitor’s Challenge, to always remember that possessing a prince and a Serpent-Born is about power, not love. Anyone who believes otherwise will find themselves on receiving end of that Serpent-Born’s fangs. Anyone who fumbles with a vessel of deadly beauty with such clumsy naivete deserves to be bitten. We shall not be so foolish. Not in this lifetime.

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