T is for Troile

No, don’t turn away, look me straight in the eye. There is no shame in meeting a Trojan prince’s eye. For I am Troile, of a proud heritage, no matter what doubts are cast upon mine, and I grew up in the greatest city in the world. Such greatness attracts envy, for Troy’s wealth and power caught many an envious Achaen eye. Now those envious Achaens have divine aid from the angry goddesses our brother, Paris, slighted and are intent on sacking and destroying us. Fortune has not abandoned us entirely, for we’re not without divine assistance of our own. Among our allies is Ganymede, lovely cupbearer of Zeus, a former prince of Troy himself. Ganymede arranges a meeting between the mightiest of the Achaens and myself at a time when Achille wore the garments of a woman, playing the part of Aissa on the isle of Scyros. Our meeting kindled an attraction between Aissa and I. Conflict and war was brewing between our nations, while Achille’s former lover was eager to see Achille in the thick of it. Achille himself was no longer so keen because of me, while I find myself inspired by his example, donning the guise of female garb, as Polyxena in order to meet him. Thus begins our love affair as Aissa and Polyxena, a passion neither of our peoples understand or condone. We do have a staunch ally in Cressida/Polyxena, who plays the part of our mistress so we can see each other. Ours is a love few can understand, one that will linger after death in the underworld. For neither Achille nor I are willing to let go of the fire burning between us, even if it means our mutual destruction.

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