S is for Shelley

Trapped in the grim city known as Paradise, my heart and soul cried out for a change. Trapped in the cloistered cage of the Goddess’s choir, I literally sang for it. I sought it in my name, in my song, and in Byron’s arms. We sang together, Byron and I, too loudly, too defiantly, stirring up the hunger of the pale lords controlling Paradise from their estates on its borders. Now Byron and I have been claimed by one of them, Lord Ruthvyn. The two of us, caged songbirds craving change, are getting a good look at what lies On the Other Side of the Mask, what lurks beneath the disguise our master and his minions wear. Madness waits behind the mask, or being swallowed by darkness. I know not if our song will be enough to help us escape, not this time. I only know that we are stronger together, Byron and I. Perhaps this is why we are being kept apart. My first and foremost goal is to find him within the surreal maze that’s the interior of Lord Ruthvyn’s house where every luxury, every object of beauty contains a broken soul, a secret horror. There’s no escape from this estate’s secrets, but perhaps there’s no escape from us either. As we learn to use our song, we may draw on it as a source of power, linking Byron and myself. It may lead us back together. I just need to learn to use it, to follow it, but I’m running out of time. The darkness is coming for me. I’m not certain how long I can hold out before it swallows me.

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