R is for Rhodry

Once upon a time, a game master described me as “ever-changing”. Even when I first appeared in a roleplaying campaign, my statistics shifted, although my concept remained the same, a boy on the run from a family of blood mages intent on sacrificing him in a dark ritual. This concept changed when I was reconceived for the interactive yaoi fantasy story, The Keep. My family, House Mavelyne, became the mortal aristocrats descended from a vampire, bound to that vampire’s quest of vengeance against a dragon. House Mavelyne was one of a pair of noble houses, decended from female twins related to the dragon herself. Once again, I’d escaped from my family and their dark designs to become a ward of the Library, a neutral Keep institution which offered shelted to many younglings on the run. My concept was strongly enterwined with other characters, a concept which changed when I became a part of the World of Ouroboros, Trouble at Caerac Keep. I became Rhodry Nevalyn (although my scribbler kept my Keep name, Rhodry Mavelyne, as a user handle for social media). In this incarnation, I’m living in a tower at the edges of Caerac Keep with Daeric Nevalyn, a mysterious sorcerer along with my kinsman, until he disappears. Finding out what happened to him motivates me to leave the refuge of the tower (I’d only venture out to The Tipsy Hedgehog during its quieter hours before) to ask Lord William Caerac for help. He responds by teaming me up with Varwyth (an ambiguous sorcerer and protége of an old friend of Daeric sent to help), Ariadne (a foreigner from Aethyria, a matriarchal land with no men), and Faith (a local acolyte at the Unicorn Temple), tasking us to find out what’s happening at Caerac Keep. For Daeric isn’t the only person who’s disappeared. Both Ariadne and Faith have lost loved ones and other people are disappearing. Not that I know much about them or Varwyth. We’ve all got secrets we’re keeping from each other. One of the mine is that I’m carrying Kyra around in my jerkin. Yes, she was a girl a little older than myself in A Suitor’s Challenge. Now she’s a small golden dragon. Having Kyra as a companion is another change in my concept, one that takes me back to the original me, who had Freckie the Ferret as a pet. Not that I’d ever call Kyra a pet. She’d bite me if I did. Nor is she the only ancestor I’m getting close and personal with. My relationship with the Vampire Corwyth is vastly different than it was in The Keep, but he’s a very different vampire than he was in that universe. Corwyth was once my tormentor, my nightmare. Now he’s a lot more…complicated. His reputation is far more fearsome in The World of Ouroboros. Quite a few people, including Faith, think he’s the one responsible for the Trouble at Caerac Keep. The disappearances, the mysterious illness with no marks other than two tiny red marks, like puncture wounds, or a vampire bite point to the hand or the fangs of a vampire behind the trouble. It seems a little too contrived to me. It’s not that I’m trying to be Corwyth’s champion as Faith suspects, it’s just there are little things that don’t seem right. As the one in our party who knows the most about monsters, due to the lore, legends, and exotic company Daeric sometimes kept, I notice certain things that Faith doesn’t. Ariadne hasn’t been exposed to many monsters that aren’t local to Aethyria while Faith’s lore is mixed with a lot of Unicorn rhetoric. Vampires, incubi, sucubi, leanhaun, and shapeshifters are not all the same, although Faith is effective enough about dropping skeletons and banishing ghosts with her incantations. As for Varwyth, it’s hard to tell how much he knows. He just listens quietly when I share information, an odd little smile on his face. Only occasionally does he interrupt, offering a little insight of his own, which is often fascinating. I wish he’d say more. He’s quite the hypnotic, seductive speaker, even if he looks at me in a way that sends chills up and down my spine. I guess another change in my current incarnation is my taste in companions has gotten a bit darker. We’ll see if how much as my story progresses, along with how else I’ve changed. I just hope my story progresses! I’d like to know what’s going on, thank you very much!

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