I is for Isolde

Life is contantly changing. I use my hands to try to change the world around me. First it was to create art, to feel for the form within wood, marble or clay. Second to wrestle with the physical manifestation of the various malevolent forces around me, particularly those which threatened my Lady Amberwyne. Sure, we were very young, she and I, but she was dedicated to changing things for the better while I was dedicated to protecting her. Only she was taken away by the mysterious Lady Fidessa for special education. I told myself that this was a good thing, something which would improve Amberwyne’s prospects in the world, only it didn’t. Fidessa turned out to be an evil enchantress, not only out to enslave Amberwyne but the entire world. Now Amber and I travel from place to place, trying to undo the mischief Fidessa leaves behind, I suspect deliberately as a taunt to her former protege. We encounter allies and enemies along the way, often unsure which is which is which. Our world is in constant flux, only our world may not even be real. Amberwyne uncovered a secret truth, that The Players Are the Thing; she, Rhiannon (one of our uncertain allies) and myself are all just characters in an ongoing game in another world, belonging the various players. These players are in the thrall of a sorceress called the Game Master, one whose soul is slowly souring while she makes her players unhappy. It’s up to us, the characters to save our players, to remind them of the reason they started this game in the first place, to remind them of their goal. As in all things, it may be down to the luck of the dice as much as anything we can do. I’m not sure if I believe Amber about these players’ existence. I’m not sure if I want to believe in it. Only it would explain the strange sensations I sometimes get, the feeling like an outside force was moving through me. I assumes it was creative inspiration, but perhaps it is my player. Perhaps I should try to contact her, reach out and touch her when I use my hands. I’m afraid, though, afraid of this change touching my very being, not only for me but for Amberwyne. Some matters are forbidden for a reason, some things are not meant to be touched. Only Amber has already reached out to touch her player. Whatever fate awaits her for doing this, I can’t let her face it alone. By the spirits, that fate can’t be any worse than whatever Fidessa is planning for us and the world. Fidessa may well be a puppet of this Game Master, controlling her as she controlls the players. I still think we should stop Fidessa. Whatever changes are to come will follow. If contacting this player of mine will help me stop Fidessa, help me to protect Amberwyne, I’m willing to do it. I simply fear the consequences of such contact might be something else entirely.

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