Me Me Monday: Damian and Christopher

The mists of the Cauldron clear, revealing a garden filled with beds of roses. There’s a gazebo nearby. Christopher stands under a sky filled with a riot of colour and opens his arms, only to find himself embracing a young man with short dark hair, wearing a white poet’s shirt.
Christopher: (burying his head in the young man’s chest, breathing in his scent) I’m not sure if I’ve ever held you like this.

Damian: (for it is Damian, allowing his lips to brush against the top of Christopher’s head) You have. You may not remember, or this version of you doesn’t, but you have.

Christopher: I miss you. (He lifts his face to regard the young man.) I swear I’ll find you. I’m going to get you back, even if it destroys me.

Damian: (pulling away slightly from the younger man) I don’t want to come back if it destroys you. (He cups Christopher’s chin in his hand.) I gave you my life in exchange for the Shadow Forest, remember?

Christopher: As if I could ever forget. (He drops his gaze to Damian’s fingers touching him.) I love that life. I truly do. Not a moment goes by, though, when I don’t miss you.

Damian: We’re coping with the consequences of our choices. If you love the life I’ve given you, they can’t all be bad. (He twists his lips into a wry smile, filled with self-mockery.) You’re making far better use of that life than I ever did.

Christopher: Even if that’s true, I can’t just let the Shadow Forest have you. I can’t allow everything you were to dissolve into a shadow’s being.

Damian: Even if that shadow is now as much a part of me as I am of him? Even if that shadow is as innocent as you were?

Christopher: He’s not innocent and he’s not you. He’s an enemy!

Damian: He’s an enemy because we’re a threat, you and I, to what’s most precious to him.

Christopher: The twins. They’re precious to me, too. Danyel and Tayel were once part of me.

Damian: This doesn’t mean you’re not a threat to them.

Christopher: (sighs) What a strange story our scribbler is crafting for us, piece by piece. All of us; you, me, Leiwell, Danyel, and Tayel could be considered protagonists. We’re intimately connected to each other, yet we’re at odds.

Damian: It may be a strange story, but I’m happy to be part of it. (He pulls Christopher close once more.) I’m glad I met you, Christopher. I’m glad I was able to spend time with you, even if it was just for a little while.

With those words, Damian disappears. The garden, the gazebo, and the sky fade into grayness. Christopher stands in the mists of the Cauldron alone. He raises a hand to his lips, multicolored eyes bright with unshed tears.

Christopher: Even if it’s only for a little while…I’m glad, too, Damian. This is why I’ll fight, scheme, and struggle to increase that time, even if it’s just a little more.

Christopher himself fades into the mists and disappears, leaving the shadows to whisper in silent non-voices about many things, many unfinished stories, hopes and dreams. For everything here is just a shadow, until it’s given a voice and direction by its aging creatrix.

Happy Birthday, creatrix. May the waters of inspiration continue to flow and may you be able to channel them into stories for as long as you can.

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