Conversations with Christopher: The Other Grace and Theodora

Christopher sits facing a little girl and her bear, only they’re not the same little girl and bear who’ve sat before him in the past. This child looks similar to the Grace he knows, only her eyes are greener, her coppery bronze curls are looser and less wild, plus she wears a long red cape and hood. Her bear’s fur (cloth?) has a slightly golden glow which the previous Theodora Bear’s didn’t have.

Christopher: Well, I’d say it was a huge relief to see you again after weeks of Dyvian and Nimmie Not, only I’ve never met you. Have I?

Grace: No, you haven’t. I’m the Grace in Grace and Theodora: Magic and Mishaps.

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: This Theodora Bear belongs to Princess Nathalie, my sister. We become companions in our quest to save Nathalie from the enchantress, Iama the Terrible.

Christopher: Iama the Terrible, you mean the one that isn’t Maia. The Iama the Terrible who visited Quartz and myself, accompanied by Oriana, wanting to know which of them was the most evil enchantress.

Grace: Yes. Everything she touches turns to gold, including people.

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: She lures Nathalie away, into the walls of her place, so Nat can no longer hear Theodora’s not-voice.

Christopher: A not-voice, what is that?

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: Something only other stuffed animals can hear or a stuffed animal’s special child can hear. It takes a miracle or magic to get anyone else to listen.

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: The not-voice is heard by the other Grace as well, used by the other Theodora. Along with Carrot Monster and the three nisse.

Christopher: Are the nisse really stuffed animals?

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: They’re toys whom get chosen by a special child. I suppose that means they can use it.

Christopher: Only you hear it when Princess Nathalie stops listening.

Grace: Yes. Theodora comes to me for help when my sister stops. I’m able to hear and help.

Christopher: This is the plot of Grace and Theodora: Magic and Mishaps?

Grace: Yes.

Christopher: Just what is Grace and Theodora: Magic and Mishaps?

Grace: It’s a story within a story; a fairytale told between the chapters of Wind Me Up, One More Time. A little bit of Grace and Theodora: Magic and Mishaps appears at the beginning of each chapter.

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: Theodora say it’s the closest part of Wind Me Up, One More Time to the original story our scribbler wrote when she was 11 years old.

Christopher: Why is this story within the story called Grace and Theodora: Magic and Mishaps?

Grace: That was the title of a series of books written by Isabeau Morisot and Marie Cassat; the mothers of Grace, Nathalie, and Maia, the main characters of Wind Me Up, One More Time. Morisot and Cassat’s deeds and stories haunt their daughters, as well as provide an example they constantly feel they have to live up to, while the three of them try to figure themselves out as individuals and artists.

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: There’s a twist to the story Theodora and I am in, though, which we can’t really tell you about without spoiling the story.

Christopher: Do you think you’re similar to the other Grace, the main character in Wind Me Up, One More Time?

Grace: Yes. In some ways, I’m an idealized reflection of her. I’m the girl Grace wants to be, only that’s not quite right, wanting to be me.

Christopher: What do you mean?

Grace: The other Grace deals with sweaters, school, and smudges. She has friends, boring teachers, and missing mothers. I’m in the story within her story, trying to do one thing, to help Theodora save Nathalie. There’s nothing to distract me, other than Iama herself, but there’s nothing to develop me either.

Christopher: Would you like to be developed?

Grace: Not sure. Maybe.

Christopher: Maybe you should talk to Quartz? See if there’s space on his Secondary Characters Speak Out for you? It would be a chance to talk about some of this.

Theodora: Growwr.
Grace: Theodora thinks it’s a good idea, although other people may be visiting before us.

Christopher: Just think about it. It can’t hurt to ask.

Grace: That’s true…


Curious about this Grace and Theodora, as well as the other Grace and Theodora? Want to see more of Iama the Terrible? Here are some buy links to Wind Me Up, One More Time, the holiday fairytale within a fairytale they all come from…

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