Conversations with Christopher: Dyvian

Once more, the boy and the man sit facing each other with their reflective, multicolored eyes, gazing at each other, capturing images of each other in swimming hues or prismatic stillness.

Christopher: Sometimes I feel like I’m floating, disconnected.

Dyvian: This is because we are connected to so many people and their stories. As Once Upon a Time. As Happily Ever After. It disconnects us from ourselves.

Christopher: I wonder. Those whose stories we connect with mirror our own, if they aren’t already linked to us.

Dyvian: You mean Danyel and Tayel.

Christopher: They are connected to me just as Leiwell is connected to Damian. No matter how much we might struggle against our bond, we need it.

Dyvian: While I am connected to you and Damian. No matter how much the two of you bewitch and oppose me, I need you. You are, after all, my path to Leiwell and the twins.

Christopher: Just how are we your path? How do you mean to reach Leiwell and the twins using us?

Dyvian: Now that truly would be giving the plot away.

Christopher: What do you want, Dyvian, truly? From all of us?

Dyvian: Connection. Relevance. A reality and reason for existence which I myself choose.

Christopher: Strange. I want those things myself.
Dyvian: Yet you find this strange because you are at odds with me, Christopher. You see me as an enemy.

Christopher: Do I?

Dyvian: Danyel and Tayel do. They’re influencing your vision of me just as they influence Leiwell’s.

Christopher: The twins think you’re a threat to their brother, which you are.

Dyvian: I only want what’s best for Leiwell.

Christopher: The best being you?

Dyvian: Love for Leiwell inspires me to be the best I can be at everything, even if that also means I must be the worst.

Christopher: You admit that it’s necessary to be the worst for his sake.

Dyvian: Sometimes the best mentor is a devil, offering a contrast to the words and decrees of a god.

Christopher: You serve a god or a godling. You are the Voice of Seraphix. You’re doing all you can to make your particular incarnation of the God of Balance powerful.

Dyvian: Nothing strengthens us the way adversity does.

Christopher: Who is Seraphix’s adversary? Danyel? Tayel? Yourself?

Dyvian: Danyel certainly sees me, the Voice of Seraphix as a devil, come to tempt his beloved brother away. Tayel sees more clearly, which makes him all the more frightening and frightened. The twins and I are at odds, yet we all serve Seraphix in our diverse ways; the Hand, the Eye, and the Voice.

Christopher: Meaning none of you are the devil, this adversary you spoke of.

Dyvian: Adversity requires a contrary position and perspective. The twins may struggle against Seraphix’s design, but they’re part of it.

Christopher: You can be a devil, an adversary, and still be part of your god’s design. As a devil, you might even be crucial to it.

Dyvian: (Sorrow appears in lines and shadows under his eyes, marking his face.) You may be right.

Christopher: I can see you’ve already considered whom this devil might be, if he’s part of Seraphix’s design.

Dyvian: (He looks up, a savage twist to his lips.) Oh, I know whom he is. It’s Damian. It’s always been Damian. He’s part of our plan, yet he constantly tries to sabotage it.

Christopher: (He allows his own lips to twist into the mockery of smile.) You made Damian part of the plan. You made him part of Leiwell. If he’s now a devil, it’s part of your design.

Dyvian is silent at this. He looks down at his hands.

Christopher: You’ve made Leiwell Seraphix’s adversary as much as Damian.

Dyvian: And what of you, Christopher? (He looks up, eyes filled with harsh, glaring light, a cold mirror of Christopher’s swirling gaze.) Whose side are you on? Damian’s? Or the twins’?

Christopher: (He allows his smile to soften into something almost sweet.) Now that would be spoiling our story, wouldn’t it?

Dyvian doesn’t answer. He simply bows his head in acknowledgment, although the glint in his eyes intensify.

Christopher continues to smile, unfazed by this.

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