Conversations with Christopher: Dyvian

Christopher, a slight youth with short, dusky bronze hair, curling around his ears, falling forward over his forhead in coppery golden bangs sits in his chair, looking like the sunlight is trapped in his head. The halo of brightness contrast to the black vest and trousers he wears. His attire is the same as the man sitting opposite him. Everything else about this man is in direct contrast to Christopher. The man has long, strands pale hair falling over his black vest, he keeps his slender hands folded in his lap, while Christopher taps with a finger on the arm of his chair. Boy and man both have eyes filled with colour, but markedly different. Christopher’s irises swim with vibrant blues, purples, greens, rose, shards of silver and gold, giving the impression of light reflected off water, shifting and moving. The man’s hues are frozen with a glacier iciness; blues, grays, lavender, and pink leached of their vitality, yet still and eternal.

Christopher: It’s you.

Dyvian: (smiling) You almost seem relieved to see me.

Christopher: For the last few weeks, I’ve been interrogated by a jealous kobold.

Dyvian: I can be jealous, too.

Christopher: Your jealousy isn’t usually directed at me.

Dyvian: Does that frighten you less?

Christopher: (pauses for a moment) No.

Dyvian: No, it really shouldn’t, considering whom my envy is attracted to.

Christopher: Why? (He raised his hands, spreading them in a helpless, almost pleading gesture.) Why are you jealous of Damian?

Dyvian: He did things in the Garden of Arachne I only dreamed of doing. I admired him as much as I envied him.

Christopher: That’s not why you’re jealous. Not really.
Dyvian: No. (He examines his slim fingers.) I envy the part he played in creating Leiwell, in giving Leiwell life and form.

Christopher: That gift may have cost Damian his own.

Dyvian: If anyone can survive it, it’s Damian. (giving Christopher a sly glance) Especially since Happily Ever After is so determined to bring him back.

Christopher: If you’re asking me to reveal my plans, I won’t.

Dyvian: I’d expect nothing less of you.

Christopher: You truly see Leiwell as exclusively yours. That’s wishful thinking.

Dyvian: True. I may never get my wish.

Christopher: Is this wish the one which binds you to Seraphix? Making Seraphix more powerful, transforming Them into a god?

Dyvian: I can’t reveal too much about that without spoiling the plot.

Christopher: Haven’t we already spoiled things with too many hints?

Dyvian: We’ve revealed nothing that hasn’t been revealed at the Cauldron or

Christopher: (looking away) Perhaps not.

Dyvian: Much is coming into focus, developing as we continue with our scribbler into NaNoWriMo. I’ve learned many things about myself in My Tool, My Treasure.

Christopher: Perhaps we should explain a little to the readers. (glances over at you) My Tool, My Treasure is the fourth novel in Tales of the Navel: The Shadow Forest.

Dyvian: Perhaps we should explain a little more about the first three books? After all, our scribbler is still revising them and hasn’t released any.

Christopher: I almost feel a little Quartz-like grumble at that, considering how fast other authors finish their stories, but I know she’s trying to do her best by us. (sighs) All right, the first book is Stealing Myself From Shadows. It’s my story, of how I open a Door to the Shadow Forest, trying to find Damian Ashelocke.

Dyvian: Only to bring Danyel and Tayel into existence, who tell their own story on both sides of the Door in The Hand and the Eye of the Tower, the second book.

Christopher: Leiwell adds his voice to Danyel and Tayel’s in the third book, A Godling for Your Thoughts?

Dyvian: Not that my Leiwell will be unfamilar to readers. They’ll have met him in the first two books, which share events from different perspectives.

Christopher: You, however, step out of the shadows and play a major part in A Godling for Your Thoughts? Resurrecting Omphalos. Gathering the Followers of Seraphix. Creating a god.

Dyvian: I did pay a major part in the shadows as Once Upon a Time in The Hand and the Eye of the Tower. It’s your story I’m less than prominent within.

Christopher: You sound disappointed at that.

Dyvian: It’s something I wish to see our scribbler correct in all this revising.

Christopher: On that note, I think we’ll stop for this week.

Dyvian: Although we will continue next. (He gazes at Christopher.) It has been entirely too long since we’ve talked, my dear.

Christopher: (doesn’t smile back) We talk plenty in the manuscript being worked on.

Dyvian: Ah, but do we really?

Christopher: (allowing a smile to touch the corner of his mouth) Is anything we do real?

Dyvian: As real as we wish it to be. We create our own reality.

Christopher: We also destroy it.

Dyvian says nothing in response, only smiles.

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