#RainbowSnippets: Of Cuckoo Clocks and Crystal Coffins

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Every Saturday or Sunday, those participating post and share six sentences of LGBTQIA+ fiction on their blogs. It can be their own. It can be someone else’s. It just needs to be LGBTQIA+.

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Eventually, I’m going to switch to my NaNoWriMo project; My Tool, My Treasure. I’m going to let Quartz go on a little longer with Of Cuckoo Clocks and Crystal Coffins first…

Quartz: Oh, aren’t you gracious, scribbler. Many thanks!

Me: Don’t mention it.

Quartz: (grumbles under his breath)


Every dwarf has a namestone, at least every dwarf in my family. I took great pride in mine, the way its facets gleamed, how it grew with jagged elegance from the ground, singing in a silent voice I alone could hear.

At least I thought I was alone in this.

Someone is always listening, even if you don’t hear or notice them.

I learned that the hard way.


Quartz: What?! That’s only five sentences!

Me: It’s the end of the introduction. The chapter break is after this.

Quartz: Well, you’d better give me seven or eight sentences next Saturday! Stingy scribbler!

Me: All right, all right…



19 thoughts on “#RainbowSnippets: Of Cuckoo Clocks and Crystal Coffins

    1. Quartz: Thank you, m’dear, your support is a regular source of cheer amidst the chaos of the scribbler’s attempts to make sense of her imagination.

      Me: You came from my imagination, you know.

      Quartz: And that’s how I know what a mess it is.

      Me: …


    1. Quartz: Yes, she is, isn’t she? (glowers at me)

      Me: Next week, I’ll give you a little extra next week…

      Quartz: And then you’ll be switching to My Tool, My Treasure. (lets out a hmmphing sound)

      Me: Well, it is my NaNo project. I don’t plan to neglect Of Cuckoo Clocks and Crystal Coffins this month, though.

      Quartz: Right…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Quartz: Thank’ee, yes. The scribbler had better give me a generous chunk, especially since she’s thinking of switching to My Tool, My Treasure after that. (glowers at me)

      Me: I will, I will…


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