Conversations with Christopher: Oriana vs. Iama, Part 3

(The final part where Christopher offers up his judgment on the apple question or does he?)
Christopher: Listen to yourselves. Which apple would you choose as the superior one?

Iama: Not mine. Its needs are far too simple.

Oriana: Not mine. Its affection was a mean, petty, selfish emotion.

Iama: And yet I’m not dissatisfied with the outcome it brought me to.

Oriana: I’m hoping mine can change, become something greater in time.

Christopher: See? You didn’t need me to answer your question. You’ve already decided.

Iama: On the contrary. Your questions gave me insight, allowing my mind to illuminate what at first I could not comprehend. Even now, your silence is instructive.

Oriana: We’ve seen through the tactful avoidance of the question, Christopher. You’re telling us that neither heart is superior. Each has strengths and weaknesses of its own.

Christopher: Actually, I didn’t say anything of the sort. You just did.

Iama: You didn’t need to.

Oriana: Thank you, Christopher. I can see why Quartz told us to speak to you.

(A red curtain appears behind Oriana, Christopher, and Iama.)

Quartz: (His voice comes from behind the curtain.) See? Did I or I didn’t I say he’d be able to handle it?

Christopher: I’m still not sure I did anything.

Quartz: Oh, hush. Just smile and enjoy the respect.

Christopher: Right.

Quartz: Heh!

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