Conversations with Christopher: Oriana vs. Iama, Part 2

(This continues what began last Monday. Christopher stands between two enchantresses, each asking him to judge between their hearts/apples. Oriana from Fairest is currently answering his questions about hers.)

Christopher: Did you succeed in tricking her?

Oriana: Yes and no. She saw right through my disguise when I offered the apple to her. She didn’t see through my lies, though. She believed my apple was a peace offering. Or maybe she just wished to believe it was. She took a bite from it and fell into an enchanted sleep, a sleep I could not waken her from. (She glances down at the apple in her hand.) I haven’t offered this to anyone since.

Iama: I confess I’m no longer certain my apple is the superior one.

Christopher: You said you cast yours away because it troubled you?

Iama: My heart, not this apple. I hurled it through my magic mirror. You see, I have one myself, only I’m not limited to just one magic mirror. I have an entire hall of them.

Oriana: (She sniffs) That’s because you’re wealthy, not because of any particular power of enchantment.

Iama: I’m wealthy because of a particular power of enchantment! All I touch turns to gold!

Christopher: I can see how that would make you wealthy. And lonely.

Iama: I tired of my own loneliness. I wished to no longer be troubled by it. I hurled my heart through one of the mirrors into a forest waiting beyond.

Oriana: Your mirrors can transport objects from one location to another? (She sounds impressed.)

Iama: Some of my mirrors can. They’re not all the same. (She turns back to Christopher.) I forgot my heart. I didn’t even know what became of it until the little princess appeared, offering me a golden apple.

Oriana: Little princess? Was this your Nathalie?

Iama: No, it was her younger sister, Grace. She offered me the apple, she and that teddy bear with her. I refused.

Christopher: Why?

Iama: The very sight of it sickened me. I didn’t want my heart back. Grace gave it to Nathalie. Once she did, the curse of my golden touch disappeared from all my victims.

Christopher: Why?

Iama: I think I was just lonely. I wanted the right person to have my heart. I didn’t really care about keeping my other victims prisoner, not even Nathalie. Instead Nathalie kept me.

Oriana: That’s quite…romantic. (Her eyes shine with unshed tears.) Now I’m no longer certain if my apple is the superior one.

Iama: How so? I’ve just admitted what a pathetic, fragile thing my heart is, even if it’s made of gold. A needy organ, craving to be held by the right hands.

Oriana: And it succeeded in its goal. While mine remains poisonous, jealous, and rejected.

Iama: Therefore whose is superior? (Both women look at Christopher.)

Christopher: (He shakes his head.) It sounds like you’ve answered that question yourselves.

Oriana: What?

Iama: What sort of judgment is this?

To be continued next Monday…)

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