Conversations with Christopher: Growl No More

(Christopher sits within the white space of the Cauldron. Once more he’s facing Grace Morisot from my recently completed version of Wind Me Up, One More Time. Once more, she is holding Theodora, her teddy bear in her arms.)

Christopher: Growl no more, Theodora. I hear your story is finished. Once again, I’m envious.

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: Theodora says you’ve got a finished story, too, Stealing Myself From Shadows, which is the first in a series.

Christopher: It needs revision.

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace So does Wind Me Up, One More Time. It needs one…pass? Yes, a pass before our scribbler sends it off to Shenanigans Press.

Christopher: While mine requires all the steps necessary in a self-published novel. Which our scribbler is still figuring out.

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: We’re not sure if Shenanigans Press will accept our story, you know. Even with the changes.

Christopher: I know, I’m sorry. I can’t help feeling jealous. It’s strange, missing being part of a story. Sometimes I thought all I wanted for the scribbler to leave me alone. Like when I lost Damian.

Grace: I understand. I lost people, too. I didn’t lose all of them, though, not forever.

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: Theodora says she thought she was going to lose me, but she got me back. Don’t give up on Damian.

Christopher: Oh, I’m not. A major arc in My Tool, My Treasure is getting Damian back. I just wish the scribbler would return to that story.

(A red curtain appears behind Grace, Theodora, and Christopher.)

Quartz: (his voice comes from behind the curtain) Me first! You’re going to have NaNoWriMo, but any time between that and Wind Me Up, One More Time goes to my story! Don’t you forget it!
Theodora: Growwr.

Christopher: Heh, I don’t think you need to translate that, Grace. I’m guessing Theodora is saying that we weren’t likely to forget. Not with Quartz reminding us at every opportunity.

Grace: (giggles) Pretty much.

Quartz: Go ahead and laugh. Like I’m going to get that much time, what will all the preparations for the scribbler’s upcoming vacation.

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: Theodora says to cheer up, Quartz. Maybe our scribbler will get really inspired while on vacation. She might see or do something that leads to another scene in your story.

Christopher: That could happen, Quartz.

Quartz: Aye, it could. Or the scribbler could get distracted. Again.

Christopher: You won’t know until it happens.

Quartz: Aye, I won’t, lad. I really won’t.

(The red curtain disappears.)

Theodora: Growwr.

Grace: Poor Quartz. He sounds depressed.

Christopher: He’s not looking forward to the guests he’s having on the upcoming Secondary Characters Speak Out blog.

Grace: He’s not? Who are they?

Christopher: I have no idea. I guess we’ll find out.

Theodora: Growwr.

Christopher: Exactly.

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