Me Me Monday: Danyel and Tayel

Danyel: I can’t believe what happened during Camp NaNoWriMo! We’re actually inside Christopher’s mind, living in his past with him as it happens!

Tayel: Too much knowledge spoils the crashing power of the waves of story. Ride the waves without diminishing their might.

Danyel: I’m not spoiling the story. I’m blurbing, blurb, blurb, blurby blurb, to quote our creatrix in all of her silliness.

Tayel: Don’t do that. (He tries not to shudder and fails.)

Danyel: What? Blurb, blurb, blurby blurb?

Tayel: Yes. That. (He glowers at his twin.) You sound like a demonic frog.

Danyel: Why, how straightforward of you to say so, Tayel. (He grins at his twin with a glee many a sibling may sympathize with.) Maybe I should blurb, blurb, blurby blurb more often.

Tayel: A return to the point would be better. Much better. Now.

Danyel: Now that’s a change. Usually you love to meander.

Tayel: I may hide my meaning, but I seldom meander from the point.

Danyel: And what is the point?

Tayel: To respond to the events of My Tool, My Treasure without revealing enough to diminish the power of the waves.

Danyel: Meaning don’t spoil the story. Why must you make everything you say a mystery?

Tayel: For the same reasons that tempt you to question everything.

Danyel: Someone has to ask questions. You never do. I’ve often wondered why.

Tayel: I’ve often tried to explain. Asking questions opens a Door in your mind. Anything might pop out and savage your thoughts.

Danyel: Yes, but how can you learn anything without asking questions?

Tayel: One learns entirely too much just by watching and listening.

Danyel: One being you. That doesn’t always work for me.

Tayel: Perhaps it’s just as well. A pond can remain beautiful without dropping a stone in it.

Danyel: The ripples are so entrancing, though, the way they spread out from the point where the stone entered the pond.

Tayel: You have entirely too much company in your fascination. (He looks away, a slight blush colouring his cheeks.)

Danyel: Are you speaking of yourself or someone else?

Tayel: That’s enough revelations for one blog.

Danyel: Wait, we haven’t said anything about My Tool, My Treasure yet!

Tayel: We’ve said plenty. We can say more next week.

Danyel: (turning towards the readers) Yes, he’s always this way, if you’re wondering.

Tayel: (with a tranquil face) Thank you.

Danyel: (mutters) Blurb, blurb, blurby, blurb…

Tayel: (turning to his twin with a scowl) Stop that.

Danyel: (doesn’t say anything, just smirks)

Tayel: …

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