Z is for Zenobia

We are Zenobia, carrying the memory of every Queen Zenobia since Kalanthia was nothing but a rich, arable land everyone invaded. We remember when we turned on our conquerors, seizing their lands in turn. Country after country fell to our might and our guile. We remember riding at the head of our army upon an elephant, a tiger, and a werewolf. We remember when we were structured and segregated according to gender and how our Empire split apart when fractious men and angry women decided they couldn’t live together. They formed their own nations, the lands which would be known as Aethyria and Graeca. We remember when a shivering minion of the Serpent threw herself at our feet, begging for our aid against her master. We gave it, offering not only Kalanthia’s might, but Kalanthia’s wisdom. We supplied Xian with the chains with which the Serpent and Her brood could be bound. We learned it was wise not to trust in the gratitude of the Serpent’s treacherous students. For Xian betrayed us, taking the chains, declaring herself Imperatrix of a united alliance of queens. Hah, more like an empire this alliance is. Xian now calls herself Serena Jasior, gorging herself on stolen life and power. Fool. Far better to live just one mortal lifetime, carrying the memories of the past to the next generation. We will show ‘Serena’ the folly of her ways. We shall take her beautiful barbarian brother as our consort, in spite of this ridiculous challenge Serena indulges him in. We will chain the pretty puppet Serena grooms to be her brother’s consort as our slave. We will take Serena’s empire as our own, allowing Kalanthia to rise from its ashes, becoming great once more. We shall rule supreme and no one shall stop us. Not this time. For we are the apex of civilization and no lesser queendom, or even an empire of queendoms can stand against us.

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