T is for Troile

I, Troile was remembered, but the scribbler omitted Achille from BloggingFromAZ. She may be my creatrix, but she shall know the wrath of a lord of Troy, when I’m finished with her imagination. (He scowls.) I am the main character in a mythical of two men in love, star-crossed lovers who also cross dress known as Aissa and Polyxena. This is not a Work in Progess, but a finished story our feeble-minded scribbler has failed to find a home for. In this story, I strive to win the heart of Achille, the mightiest of the Achaens, and save my home from his people’s wrath with the help of Ganymede, once a prince of Troy himself now an Olympian himself. Only when I meet Achille, he’s dressed as Aissa, a maiden dwelling upon the isle of Scyros with Deidamaria, its princess. Our encounter gives Cressida, otherwise known as Briseis the idea of disguising me as Princess Polyxena of Troy and lead to my lover in secret. To say matters are difficult is to put them lightly. My brother, Hector is opposed to my passion and Achille’s beloved Patrocles is jealous to the point of madness. A tapestry of contradictory myths is woved together to tell our love story, a story which takes both of us to the underworld to beg Hades and Persephone for mercy. I have an ally in Ganymede, who is willing to do what he can to save whatever he can of Troy, even by kindling love in Achille and my hearts. If what you’ve heard of this tale pleases you, let the scribbler know. It will motivate her to keep searching for a home for our story, Achille and mine. Spreading this tale may correct some of the vile rumours about my lover. For I was never Achille’s victim. He always treated me with honour, even when I wore skirts. I wish readers knew more of his generous nature as well as his rage. I also wish for you to know that Troy continues, even if the original city fell. It lives on in Rome and it lives on in me. We will never allow it to die.

4 thoughts on “T is for Troile

  1. Troile, ack, I’m sorry for forgetting your lover! (bows, allowing my head to hit the floor) Tell you what, next Monday in May, Achille can take over the blog. Will that make up for this?


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