P is for Peter

Where am I? Who am I? Everything has been confused since I opened a Door and started following a path through the Shadow Forest. I came here to search for Damian Ashelocke. I didn’t really want to find him, but Christopher and Gabrielle needed him. Perhaps this was part of the problem. I never wanted to find Damian myself. Juno, Gryluxx, and Hebe, they just wanted Christopher to open a Door. I came along with him to protect him. Only I made a right mess of that particular task. At some point in his story, Stealing Myself From Shadows, I was separated from Christopher. I’ve been trying to find him. Only someone else, something else found me. I changed afterwards. I lost…something. I can’t really say anything more. I’m still out there, wanting to be found, yet someone already found me. Nothing will ever be the same.

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