L is for ‘Lyssa

Why, hello there. I’m ‘Lyssa, Melyssa’s better half. Well, perhaps not better. I’m still the person she longs to be, the one who lives as she wishes and takes what she desires. I’m the part of Melyssa created by her wish, through her union with Seraphix. I’m repressed piece of Melyssa Ashelocke who longs to sink her fangs into the arachnocratic ladies’s collective neck. Only someone is intefering with our development, our ritual with Seraphix. Might have known it would be some fool of a boy, only I caught a whiff of my cousin in his soul. Ugh, must Damian always get in the way? Not that he hasn’t helped from time to time, but this is my existence which is at stake. I need Seraphix to get stronger, I need the Followers. Once I’ve completely manifested, I’ll deal with the arachnocrats and Seraphix, but I need to manifest, to become alive enough to accomplish those things. There’s no way I’m going to let Damian Ashelocke or his precious Christopher stop me. Not this time.


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