K is for Kyra

Good day. I am Kyra, protagonist in a Work in Progress known as A Suitor’s Challenge. In this, a beautiful young prince has offered his hand in marriage to whatever suitor can best him in magical combat. It’s a foolish challenge to accept since Prince Stephen Jasior is very powerful and he slays whomever loses. He may be the adopted heir of the Imperatrix, Serena Jasior, who brought together the Alliance of Queendoms to battle the Serpent. Whomever marries him shall also become Serena’s heir. The temptations of power and the prince’s beauy is enough to lure many a hopeful into the Circle with him. Not one has survived. This prince shows no mercy towards those unworthy of him. Who would want such a husband? Only I looked into his eyes and saw a familar soul. Stefan, my childhood friend, whom once stood between me and the Serpent’s hunger. For the Serpent once resided me in, constantly whispering temptations to me. Stefan lured Her out of me with promises to do what she wished if She left me in peace. I never saw Stefan again. I don’t know what happened after the Serpent left me and went into Stefan, or why She was even in me to begin with after Serena defeated her. How Stefan came to be Prince Stephen Jasior is a mystery to me. Only I looked into his eyes and I saw the Serpent within. Laughing. Delighting in devouring the life and power of every suitor who dared to step in the Circle with Her vessel. Taunting me with Her presence for Stefan was still trapped within her, unable to cry out a warning. I can’t leave him like that. I have to help Stefan, even if it means becoming the next fool suitor who challenges Prince Stephen Jasior. Only I’m no one, a golden-haired Serpent Born, who only just escaped from imperial chains with the help of my companion, mentor, and friend, Questioning. If I’m to become a royal suitor, I need a sponsor. There are challenges I must meet before I even face Stephen and the Serpent within him. There are allies I must cultivate, even if I don’t trust them. The only person I trust is Questioning. In the highly visible position of being Prince Stephen Jasior, Questioning is in as dangerous a situation as I am. Old enemies are becoming aware of them even as they become aware of me. All the while the Serpent is lying in wait within Stefan. Waiting for me.


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