I is for Isolde

Good day, Cauldron visitors. I am Isolde, sculptor, wander, as well as companion and protector to Lady Amberwyne. Only I may not be real if what Amberwyne suspects is true. We may be just ‘player characters’ in a ‘roleplaying game’, shaped within a maiden’s imagination to play out her repressed yearnings. I feel for this maiden as I become aware of her. She suffers from shyness, a lack of self-worth, unrequited passion. I can sympathize with these sentiments only too keenly. I’ve sworn to watch over Amberwyne, to protect her from the wiles of the wicked Lady Fidessa, once Amberwyne’s mistress, yet always her nemesis. I keep a keen eye out for Fidessa’s agents and and untrustworthy rogues I suspect to have dealings with her. This maiden whose mind created me, Mona, may need me far more than Amberwyne does. Perhaps there is a way to aid both of them, through the ‘dice’ of this ‘roleplaying game’. It is a curious situation where The Players Are the Thing. By reaching out to Mona’s imagination, I can suggest certain outcomes, certain ideas. This much I can do for my player, even if she doesn’t believe I am real. I can be real enough to help her, to nudge her in a direction which will lead her to her happiness. In doing so, perhaps I will find my happiness, too.


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