A is for Ariadne

It seems I was here, not too long ago…

Greetings. I am Ariadne. I come from the land of Aethyria to Caerac Keep in search of my sister. I’m one of several characters in a Work in Progress called Trouble at Caerac Keep, a story our scribbler has put aside for far too long. That’s neither here nor there, though. I’m here to tell you about my conflict as a character in this particular tale.

My sister and I have lived a relatively quiet life in Aethyria, training in any number of the physical arts and means which are accesible to the adopted daughters of a Circle member. (The Circle is the Circle of the Thirteen, the thirteen wise women who sacrifice their lives to become guardians for Aethyria, protecting us from physical and mystical peril, only stirring from their stone-like vigil to answer questions.) This quiet was disturbed by the nightmares we started having.

An ancient evil was rising in the Dark Circle of the neighboring country of Rowenda, where an old enemy from Aethyria had fled, after accessing forbidden powers and becoming a monster who preyed upon her sisters. This evil was reaching out its monstrous hands towards Caerac Keep, a small, walled city in Rowenda.

Outside lands are not Aethyria’s concerns. At least that’s what I tried to tell Alexandria, my sister. Aethyria cut itself off from the rest of the world so its women would have a safe haven from the trouble, violence, and greed lurking outside.

Alexi wouldn’t listen. She felt that Rowenda’s problems were signs of a greater peril which threatened all the lands around it, including Aethyria. Aethyria was still part of the world. Why else would we be having these dreams?

Off Alexi went to Caerac Keep to find answers. She never returned.

This is why I have followed her to this barbarian keep, even though I have little love for men, outsiders, or this walled city of trouble. I had no desire to leave Aethyria, but my sister is in trouble. I must save her, even if it means embroiling myself in matters which shouldn’t be my concern.

Caerac Keep is more bizarre, troublesome, and dangerous than I ever dreamed. It’ll take all the luck of the Thirteen just to learn the ways of this cold, sinister place, let alone figure out what happened to Alexi. May they grant it to me in abundace. I’ll need every scrap of good fortune I can find.

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