Me Me Monday: Agathea’s Advice

Welcome to the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration. Pardon the shoddy state of this place. I fear our creatrix’s imagination is a realm of general disorder. Ideas and stories shift around with a turbulence which jolt and display her poor characters. Alas, screaming at her or menacing her tends to be highly counterproductive. To those who disagree with me on this point, I would like to point out that I, Agathea, have accomplished what many characters here still struggle to achieve. I have a part in A Symposium in Space, one of K.S. Trenten’s published works. Mine may not be the leading role, but it is an elegant part where I spread the word of my goddess, giving everyone a taste of my particular style. Therefore I say with some authority that is is far more effective to lure our creatrix away from other projects into yours. Capture her interest with ideas. She cannot resist a shiny idea. Indeed, one of the methods she employs to avoid being pelted with Writer’s Blocks is to constantly chase after ideas which come to her, to capture them on paper or in a file before they can escape. Yes, I know, her methods are crude, yet they are effective. Not allowing herself any time for this in times past led to blockage and time wasted. Therefore as I prepare myself to say farewell on behalf of us all to our usual Me Me Monday blogs, turning the Cauldron over to all the characters involving in the BloggingFromAZAprilProject: Character Conflects, I suggest to them that they give this strategy serious thought. Now if you’ll all excuse me, I have a dinner party to host and an extended release to grace. May Aphrodite be with you all and please feel free to inspect the buy links below if you, too, are interested in this party.

A Symposium in Space
Nine Star Press:


Barnes & Noble:



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