Me Me Monday: Diotym Speaks

Greetings, flesh and blood readers, as well as to other beings who might see this blog. Are you wondering who I am? I don’t actually go to Agathea’s symposium in our scribbler’s story. Nor do I have a speaking part in it. My voice can be heard, however, by those willing to listen.

If you are, I offer you a secret. The Intergalactic Democracy is not the only civilization out there among the stars.

Herstory doesn’t have much to say about those civilizations. Like history before it, herstory is colored by the bias of those who write it. As such, it’s filled with inaccuracies.

Take what it teaches us about the orgins of the ancient gods we’re rediscovering among the stars. We don’t learn as much about Dionysus as we do about Aphrodite or Athena. Dionysus doesn’t enjoy the fame and matronage of prominent citizens in the Intergalactic Democracy.

What is matronage, you ask? Let me see, what’s an ancient word that’s similar? Patronage. When a powerful individual with sizeable resources supported or funded someone’s education, efforts in the arts, or a project, it was called patronage. Only all of the powerful individuals with sizeable resources in the Intergalactic Democracy are called matrons. The support they provide is called matronage. In essence, matronage is very similar to patronage. Ah, listen to me, playing with the terms of the Intergalactic Democracy! I guess I’m still swayed by its influence, even if I live on the periphery of it.

Let’s return to Dionysus, though. Dionysus was the god of the grape, wine, and revelries. Often he’s associated with more lowbrow, less structured, and more free spirited forms of entertainment. He’s also associated with change, rebirth, and death.

If you plan to transition or alter yourself in a big way, you’ll want to call on Dionysus. Why? Because he knows secrets, being on the other side of life and death no one else knows. Not even Demeter and Kore, the keepers of the sacred mysteries, are privy to the matters he is. He’ll reveal something special, something which will help you in a way you didn’t realize you needed helping with.

It’s entirely possible you won’t be grateful for his aid. You may not even realize he’s helped. Take the time to acknowledge his presence and thank him. Dionysus never forgets a thank you any more than he does a slight.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s involved in this symposium Sokrat is going to, even if no one recognized his hand in the events which take place. Wherever you find chaos or change, you’ll find Dionysus.

If you get a chance, you may want to lift your glass and take a moment to think of him. This may make the difference in whether any change that’s happening will alter in your favour.

Or it may not make any difference at all. That’s the problem with a god of chaos. They can be unpredictable.

Still it doesn’t hurt to get on their good side. If you can.

Good luck.

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