Me Me Monday: Two Characters, Once One

Amberwyne: Hello. No, I’m not Phaedra. Phaedra has withdrawn into her universe to take a rest I’m Amberwyne, another fictional character. In fact, I’m the fictional character of a fictional character. We’re both in another of our scribbler’s Works in Progress, The Players Are the Thing. (She looks around with bright, inquisitive blue green eyes at the misty ambiguity which is the inside of the Cauldron.) I say, this is the original Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been here.

Ariadne: (A young woman, dressed in a leather jerkin with leaves her muscular legs, wiry arms, and long neck bare strides out of the mist.) You’re usually at the Forbidden Cauldron at I’m usually here.

Amberwyne: (She starts at the sight of another girl about the same age as herself, yet with a confidence she’s never possessed.) Who are you?

Ariadne: I used to be you. I also used to be blonde. (She runs a finger through glossy raven curls, cropped to just below her ears.) I prefer to look this way.

Amberwyne: Um, yeah, I can see why you’d think so. (She catches herself in the middle of staring and shakes her head.) That’s right. I used to be a child in one incarnation. I’m older now and noticing things like, um, you. (She blushes.)

Ariadne: (She smiles, showing no self consciousness) Quite understandable. (She turns down her mouth in a more grim expression.) You’re right. You were a child when you took my name and became a changeling. A rather silly, mad changeling.

Amberwyne: I took your name? (She rubs her nose.) I don’t remember that. I’ve changed again. I was reborn in the Keep. That was where I found Rhane. (She touches one of her own long, curling amber tresses.) I thought she was the one who gave me the name ‘Amberwyne’, after looking at the color of a wine she was drinking.

Ariadne: That’s true in your current incarnation in The Players Are the Thing.
Amberwyne: Yes. I’m part of Rhane to this day. I started being part of her in the Keep, when the two of us somehow split, due to mental and mystical problems she was having. (She frowns) Now I’m her character in a roleplaying game she’s in. (She smiles, tosses her back the curl of hair out of her face. ) This is why The Players Are the Thing is a story. There’s our story, the characters in a roleplaying game and the story of the players playing the game. Only we characters notice our players are having problems in their lives and decide to help them. Thus our worlds end up overlapping.

Ariadne: The idea for The Players Are the Thing came to our scribbler in a cafe, did it not?

Amberwyne: Why, yes. (She rubs the top of her head, fidgeting.) I can’t remember which cafe. I’m sorry. Neither Rhane nor I are good at remembering things.

Ariadne: (She throws back her shoulders with a defensive pride.) You and I were created in the Book Cafe in Capitola during the 1990s. We were born in the very first draft she came up with for Trouble at Caerac Keep. Not that she knew the title of our story at the time.

Amberwyne: Or where she was going with the plot. Or much of anything. (She reaches out to tuck a wayward amber curl behind her ear.) I think I’m starting to remember you. Us. We were first created for a roleplaying campaign.

Ariadne: Only our scribbler didn’t want to let us go. Thus we were reborn in that first draft.

Amberwyne: Funny how we keep getting written about in cafes, yet we live in fantasy worlds populated by taverns. I only got to visit a cafe when I was a changeling.

Ariadne: Yet we both love taverns.

Amberwyne: Well, I don’t think I like the crowds or the smoke in taverns, although I enjoy some of the people I meet there.

Ariadne: (sighs) I am not fond of crowds or smoke either. They are challenges I must overcome. Regardless, I will face them without flinching. (She raises a hand to her mouth and lets out a slight cough.) There is also the beer. We have nothing like that in Thaethyria, only wine. It is…interesting.

Amberwyne: (She grins at the expression on the other girl’s face.) I’ll bet it is.

Ariadne: Don’t mock me just because I’m fascinated by the wheaten lady. (She ducks her head and blushes.)

Amberwyne: Heh, I never thought of beer as being a lady. I guess I’m grateful there’s enough of the New World in our scribbler’s fantasy stories that I’m able to get chocolate.

Ariadne: Chocolate? In a tavern?

Amberwyne: Oh, yes, there was this really great tavern in the Keep where I used to meet up with other people’s characters. I got this giant stein filled with hot chocolate, covered with chocolate foam, whipped cream, and chocolate chips…mmm! I couldn’t get enough of it.

Ariadne: (She wrinkles her nose.) I begin to see how you and I have become separate characters. All that sweetness together in one beverage sounds decadent.

Amberwyne: Yeah, isn’t it great?

Ariadne: I believe that is enough for this particular blog. Go along and enjoy your sugary…concoction. (She mutters to herself) Too much decadence is not sound for the body…

Amberwyne: Alas, I’m no longer at the Keep anymore. I wonder if the scribbler could write such a drink into The Players Are the Thing for myself or Rhane. Scribbler?

Me: (I’m pretending to be passed out from too much Italian wine.) Zzzz….

Amberwyne: (She lets out a sigh.) You know, we only let you get away with that on your birthday…

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