Me Me Monday: About Sokrat

Quartz: So tell me, um, about Sokrat. (nose turns red)

Phaedra: Alas, I’m only just getting to know her myself. (rubs her own nose) I’m guessing she’d say that not even she knows herself. She wanders through the universe, seeking truth, beauty, and wisdom. Or maybe not even she’s sure what she’s looking.

Sokrat: Life on the intergalactic highway, eh? Where did you meet her?

Phaedra: On a used spaceship platform. Actually, I was inside the Timea. (Her eyes become far away and dreamy) This was where I saw her for the first time.

Quartz: Sokrat?

Phaedra: The Timea. My beautiful spaceship.

Quartz: Eh, err, congratulations. (He strokes his beard for a moment, looking a bit discomfitted.) This is also where you met Sokrat, right?

Phaedra: (blinks and focuses on Quartz) Yes. I was trying to buy the Timea from Gytelem, the owner of the used shapeship platform, but I’m not very good at haggling. (She’s the top of her dark purple hair in a subconscious manner…yes, Phaedra’s hair is almost black, but it has very subtle purple highlights.) Sokrat helped me out. Only I can’t talk too much about what happened. It might spoiler our story. Let’s just say Sokrat and I left in the Timea together. Fast.

Quartz: Heh, I can guess why you might have had to leave in a hurry. (He rolls his eyes.) Something to do with Alkibiadea, eh?

Phaedra: She does have a tendency to, um, crash into our story.

Quartz: All right. I won’t ask too much more to avoid the spoilers. Only, um, are you still in touch with Sokrat?

Phaedra: (She smiles.) There’s a freebie story up at the Formerly Forbidden Cauldron ( showing how I stay in contact with her. You can thank Paula Wyant and her prompts at for inspiring that moment.
Quartz: Ah, Paula, what would we do without you? Get a lot less attention from our scribbler, we would. Phaedra, if you could, m’dear, pass a message on to Sokrat for me?

Phaedra: What message?

Quartz: Oh, nothing, nothing…just tell her I said hello. (His nose turns even redder.)

Phaedra: I’d be delighted to.

Nimmie Nott: Hmmph! (He’s hiding behind a red curtain.) Who does that dwarf think he is? Flirting with characters in completely different universes! He’ll be having drinks with other writer’s vampire characters next!

Phaedra: (She glances back at the curtain.) What was that?

Quartz: (He lets out a sigh.) Pay no attention to the jealous kobold behind the curtain…

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