Me Me Monday: Never Ask a Character’s Age

Quartz: Well, look at that. It’s almost the new year. I’ll be.

Christopher: You’ll be four years old. Four years from the day the scribbler created you. You’re pretty young, Quartz.

Quartz: Bah, that’s amusing, coming from a beardless boy like you. Just how old are you, eh?

Christopher: Officially, I was first created for Stealing Myself From Shadows in 2003 or was it 2002? Ah, my memory goes with age. Damian and I have been floating around our scribbler’s imagination for much longer than that. Since the 1980s.

Damian: (appearing to sling an arm around Christopher’s shoulders) This makes Christopher and I about 17 years old…unless we’re between 37-40. (winks at Quartz) Either way we’re older than you, lad. Much older.

Quartz: Don’t be cheeky. There’s no way a pair of beardless boys can be younger than me. (glowers)

Danyel: (appearing) Actually, there is. We’re all characters from speculative fiction, remember?

Tayel: (stepping out beside him) Ambient fantasy, a specific flavor, yet still part of speculative fiction.

Danyel: Which means we might be older than Christopher and Damian if they’re using the 2002 or 2003 date.

Damian and Christopher: (at the same time) No, we’re not.

Tayel: (crossing his arms) Definitely not.

Rhane: (who has been rolling dice in a corner, not that anyone notices) I was created in 2000 or earlier if you count my time as a character in the Keep. This makes me at least 19 years old…huh, that age seems to fit my concept.

Rhodry: (calling from the hole in the floor) Not for me. I was created in 1991, which makes me…31 years old?!

Kyra: (in the hole, in the darkness, in her miniature dragon form, sitting on Rhodry’s shoulder) Cheer up, you’re not as old as I am. Our scribbler created me when she was a child back in 1984, so I would be 35.

Grace: (appearing in her red jacket and green skirt, holding Theodora in her arms) And I was the first creator our scribbler ever created. (looks very proud of herself) I’m older than Kyra…I’m 36.

Quartz: Blimey, I’m…the youngest?!

Briar: (appearing to wrap her arms him) Not the youngest. Your brothers are the same age.

Quartz: (looking grumpy) Only you yourself are a little older since the scribbler thought of you first, eh?

Briar: (withdrawing) Well…err…

Nimmie Not: (materializing to wrap his arms around Quartz) Cheer up, old man! (cuddling up to him and stroking his beard) I’m younger than you, remember!

Quartz: Gah!

The rest of my characters and myself: Happy New Year, everyone!

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