#RainbowSnippets: My Tool, My Treasure

Welcome to Rainbow Snippets!

Every Saturday, those participating post six sentences of LGBTQIA+ fiction on their blogs. It can be their own. It can be someone else’s. It just needs to be LGBTQIA+.

To read a wide variety of samples of LGBTQIA+ stories, go here…


Right now, I’m racing to finish my Goodreads goal of finishing 100 of the huge pile of books I’m in the middle of. Like NaNoWriMo, I doubt I’ll achieve this particular task, but I’m giving it a good try. 🙂

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, once more, this week’s snippet is from this year’s project. I’m picking up right where I left off last Saturday in My Tool, My Treasure…


*Take a look, Leiwell, if you dare.* The challenge, all sensual provocation and courteous mockery swam through his head, bringing visions. *Take a look at the fate which might have been mine for my faith in one I trusted completely.*

Leiwell struggled, not wanting to relive Damian Ashelocke’s memories, not wanting to be him. He sank, slipping into the other man, right in the middle of the ceremony meant to make the Followers one with their god.

Leiwell wasn’t if he hated his victim all the more for this or if he wished to thank him.

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