Conversation with Danyel and Tayel

Christopher: Scribbler? (looks around the misty white space which is currently the Cauldron)

Tayel: (silver triangles appearing before the rest of his violet blue eyes, followed by his face and the rest of him) She’s empty, off in the real world. Nothing but an echo which is us.

Christoper: (looking him up and down) You do have a way with words. Not to mention appearing out of nowhere.

Tayel: The shadow is calling the mist opaque. Most amusing.

Christopher: More riddles, you do like them, don’t you?

Tayel: Ask me no questions. I’ll try not to make the truth too painful.

Christopher: Is there such a thing as a not too painful truth?

Tayel: That was a question.

Christopher: It’s going to be a very short conversation if I cannot ask questions.

(A small, pale hand reaches out to touch the center of Christopher’s back. Christopher starts and spins to see Danyel, a slight boy with tousled golden hair and violet blue eyes very like Tayel standing there.)

Danyel: Not to mention Tayel hates answering them. I think this is his way of telling us he doesn’t want to talk. Hello, Christopher. (blushes) Sorry if I scared you.

Christopher: Hello, Danyel. I don’t think your twin likes me very much.

Danyel: He doesn’t like anybody. Don’t take it personally.

Tayel: Take it personally, Christopher, Happily Ever After, or whatever name you choose to hide behind.

Christopher: Why? What did I ever do to you?

Tayel: Stole what’s most precious to me. In the past, in the present, or in the future.

Christopher: I’ve given you far more than I’ve ever taken, as I recollect.

Tayel: You’re always losing your recollections. Don’t trust them or spoil plots to come.

Danyel: I think we’ve spoiled quite a few plots, already, don’t you think? Christopher didn’t say anything too revealing.

Tayel: Revelations come in many forms. As always you side with the revealer, Danyel.

Christopher: I’m still baffled by why you dislike me, Tayel.

Tayel: Dislike isn’t as close to the truth as distrust. No matter how fair or friendly a face you put on, I distrust it. I certainly don’t want Danyel getting too close to you.

Christopher: (wincing) I can’t say I blame you. I don’t entirely trust me either. (frowns a bit) You were once part of me, though. What does that makes you?

Tayel: (scowls) There you go, asking questions again. Shadows hunger for what they once possessed. This doesn’t mean the possessed are about to let themselves be taken. (his eyes glitter with a knife blade fierceness)

Danyel: (moving to touch his twin) Tayel, there’s no need for that. Christopher hasn’t threatened us.

Tayel: Yet. (He presses his own fingers on top of Danyel’s. Both twins disappear.)

Christopher: (watching them go) I guess that’s end of that conversation. And still no sign of the scribbler. It does get rather lonely without her. Or the twins. (sighs) I wish Damian, Peter, or ‘Brie would show up. Or Quartz with some eggnog.

Duessa: (eight disembodied eyes opening in the whiteness) Are you yearning for companionship, tidbit? I could come and keep you company.

Christopher: (turning pale) Err, I think that’s enough for this blog post!

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