Me Me Monday: Conversations with Christopher

Christopher: How are you doing with My Tool, My Treasure?

Me: I’m past the halfway point. You know if I added up everything I’ve worked on this month…Morning Pages, brainstorming sessions for my NaNo project, random fragments of My Tool, My Treasure, fanfics, and reviews, what would my word count be? A lot of this is related to my NaNo project, even if it’s in an indirect, inspirational way.

Christopher: Please don’t do that until a few days before the deadline. At least try to see how much you can finish of My Tool, My Treasure.

Me: All right, all right. I’ve also got a Christmas letter to write, which I need to finish soon…but all right.

Christopher: Surely you’ve got more to talk about than the word count?

Me: Well, yes. Much to my surprise, you’re not the main character in this story. Neither are Danyel nor Tayel.

Christopher: No, we’re not. Damian is…and Leiwell.

Me: I’ve noticed you’ve given Leiwell second billing even though My Tool, My Treasure begins with him.

Christopher: I have every reason to. Leiwell wouldn’t even exist in this form if not for Damian.

Me: Well, Dyvian had something to do with it.

Christopher: Don’t talk to me about Dyvian. If there’s a creature worse than Leiwell, it’s Dyvian.

Me: Well, this is a surprise. As Happily Ever After, your feelings toward Dyvian were…complex. 

Christopher: Yes, they’re complex. I’m bound to someone via shadow essence who tries to control me, dominate me, and imprison me in alternate forms. Not to mention I suspect he’s done terrible things to those I care about.

Me: I wonder if the twins didn’t absorb some of your sentiments toward Dyvian when you breathed your essence into them.

Christopher: Once again, I’ve got reason for my antipathy. What happened to Damian, whatever happened to Peter, I sense Once Upon a Time had a hand in their fates. Danyel and Tayel are wise to be frightened of him.

Me: I’m trying not to spill any more of our stories’s secrets…I’ve already spilled too much at this Cauldron. I’m not saying any more.

Christopher: I wish you’d spill a little more.  It’s a relief to see Damian playing a major part in this NaNo project, but what about Peter? What has Dyvian done with him?

Me: (looking guilty) I can’t tell you. All I can say is as Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After, you and Dyvian have certain abilities, enabling you to perform certain functions.

Christopher: I hate it when you get all cryptic.

Me: Why, thank you (smoothing my lapels…only I don’t have any, so I smooth my sweater instead). I do my best.

Christopher: …

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