Me Me Monday: My Tool, My Treasure

Christopher: So now we come to the fourth book in Tales of the Navel: The Shadow Forest, our ambient fantasy series. My Tool, My Treasure.

Me: Yes, it’s my NaNoWriMo project. I’m working on it now. What a mess.

Christopher: How so?

Me: Well, I feel like a strong book has a solid plot that hooks readers in with the very first sentence, never straying far from that central story. I’ve stayed true to the title and theme of My Tool, My Treasure. I’m worried that the plot is so surreal, it’s garbled.

Christopher: You’re writing about my kind, the halflings, part real, part dream. A great deal of the story involves the Shadow Forest. Isn’t all of this by its very nature surreal? Not to mention the worlds we walk in and our very existence?

Me: Yes, but there’s a difference between surreal and meandering from the path, err, plot. I’m going back from Leiwell’s thoughts to Damian’s memories, trying to emphasize how confused those two thing get, while trying to draw in the other Followers of Seraphix.

Christopher: Damian?! He’s shown up?

Me: Err, please don’t take this the wrong way, but he’s never very far from Leiwell.

Christopher: (gives me a sharp look) What do you mean?

Me: I can’t say, I really can’t say. You’ll find out in time. Some of what’s happening I’m discovering myself as I write. I’m learning about you, too.

Christopher: Me?

Me: Oh, yes. Damian was close to you long before he drew you out of the darkness in Waiting for Rebirth. In fact, I’m thinking of writing that moment from his perspective.

Christopher: In this book?

Me: Perhaps.

Christopher: Tease.

Me: Some of the people I admire most are…or were teases. I’m honored to share this quality with them.

Christopher: (lifting an eyebrow) Of course you are. All right, oh, teasing scribbler. Do you have a blurb you’d like to share for My Tool, My Treasure?

Me: Coming right up…

The Followers of Seraphix are about to become one with their god. On the verge of their triumph, Leiwell is having doubts. Recalling memories which aren’t really his, a life that’s not truly his own. Nor is he the only one.

For neither he nor the Followers are what they seem. Each and every one of them is being shaped into a tool, a treasure, or both.

This has happened before. Leiwell’s younger brothers, Danyel and Tayel were given life due to such a process, along with the one whom created them. To toy with the energies which hold them together could unravel everything they’ve built as a family. For tools are meant to be used. And treasures are too often locked up and hoarded.

Christopher: This is different than what you wrote at the NaNoWriMo website.

Me: Once again, it’s a blurb in progress.

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