Halloween Poem

I’ve been limiting my posts here to twice a week in an attempt to catch up on all my unfinished Works in Progress, but today is Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. Yes, the Forbidden Cauldron at inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com should have something posted for today, but I wanted to have something here, too. Just for Halloween. :)=

I offer up a little poem in the spirit of the day…and night. :)=

Spindly fingers seeking sound

He offers a death’s head grin to those passing by

Eyes fixing on their lips and mouths

Parting into a smile or letting out a laugh

A response to his cadaverous face

After all, he’s only a Halloween decoration

Dressed to the nines in a fashion long forgotten

A reminder of manners equally forgotten

Silent and still, he welcomes all who walk by

Noting in particular the loud and rude

He haunts their dreams afterwards

Putting a bony finger to his lips

A dried stick barely covered with flesh

Seeking out those voices

Leaving the melodic and the soft

Stealing the abrasive and the loud

Some find themselves unable to talk after his nightly visit

Others scream and scream at the sight of his true smile

They won’t admit they saw him in their dreams

They poke him, shove him, trying to prove he’s just a thing

A stupid decoration they’re not scared of

For a while they look over the shoulder

What were those bullies’s names again?

I haven’t seen them in a while

Noisy and aggressive, they disappeared without a trace

He will not tolerate such behavior

Even though he never moves or says a word

Just fixing us all with a smile

The jack o’lanterns grinning along with him.

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