Me Me Monday: On A Godling for Your Thoughts?

Christopher: How are you doing?

Me: Recovering. Bloody flux…I can’t believe it took me out for a week. All the things I didn’t do…(grumbles)

Christopher: You’re better now, aren’t you? Ready for NaNoWriMo?

Me: No, no, not even close! Getting sick made me less prolific. The last thing I needed was to be less prolific. At least I managed to keep up my Morning Pages.

Christopher: You’re getting better, though. Are you good enough to tell me about A Godling for Your Thoughts?

Me: Yes. A Godling for Your Thoughts. The third book in my Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest, currently under revision. Originally I was going to call it A Pentacle for Your Thoughts?

Christopher: A pentacle being one of the symbols used to represent the Earth suit in Tarot, correct?

Me: Only a friend talked me out of it, arguing that a pentacle had a lot of layered meanings as a religious symbol. If I created my own symbol, it would have more significance in fleshing out my world.

Christopher: Only you didn’t. There’s a symbol of a coin, only it changes depending on who looks at it.

Me: I thought, what if the symbol changes depending on the worshipper who held it? The symbol of the god might alter depending each coin’s owner’s prayers, hopes, and desires. Along with the form of the god themselves.

Christopher: The god being Seraphix. Or godling.

Me: Seraphix isn’t a god yet. They’re just a shadow of a god, until the combined faith of their Followers transform them into a god. Until then they’re just a godling.

Christopher: Hence the title of this book, A Godling for Your Thoughts?

Me: Dyvian is trying to recruit enough Followers among people like himself to make Seraphix a god, including Leiwell and his whole family.

Christopher: How do Danyel and Tayel feel about this?

Me: Let’s say they have some very mixed feelings about the matter.

Christopher: This story happens in Danyel and Tayel’s Omphalos, not my Omphalos. Am I even in this story?

Me: Oh, yes. I’m trying to work you in even more, heh, heh.

Christopher: (tries not to shudder) I’m not sure how to feel about that. Do you one of those, oh, what do you call them, ah, blurbs for A Godling for Your Thoughts?

Me: It’s still a blurb in progress, but here’s what I’ve come up with…

Omphalos. It’s a village rising around Danyel, Tayel, Leiwell, and Map’s cottage, bringing a host of strangers into their lives. Or are they?

All of them have gaps in their memories. All of them bear a shining coin and a wish in their heart. For they believe if they put their faith into something, that something could become a god. A god that will make their most cherished hopes a reality.

With this promise, Leiwell’s lord has convinced the residents of Omphalos to accept his godling. Thus he strives to convince Leiwell and his entire family to allow this entity, Seraphix, into their hearts and minds.

Such a vow sounds too much like the key to opening a Door to the Shadow Forest. And not every Follower’s wish is one Danyel and Tayel would like to see happen.

Christopher: I’m not even in this blurb. (looks a bit sulky)

Me: Like I said, it’s a blurb in progress.

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