Me Me Monday: On The Hand and the Eye of the Tower

Christopher: It’s Monday. Are we going to talk about it? The second book in Tales of the Navel: The Shadow Forest?

Me: Yes. Originally I thought it would be the first book in the series. I even called it Stealing Himself From Shadows.

Christopher: Only you brought Stealing Myself From Shadows back to live, along with me.

Me: You were in the story. I still had you on the mind. I brought you back, didn’t I?

Christopher: Yes, you did, although I shudder to think as what.

Me: Now, now, no spoilers. Let’s just say once I had Stealing Myself From Shadows again, it felt right to begin with you.

Christopher: Two books with different stories yet the same source of inspiration…the Greater Trumps in Tarot decks. This lead to two different versions of Omphalos connected by a Door.

Me: That’s not all they’re connected by, as Danyel and Tayel will find out.

Christopher: This is their story, isn’t it?

Me: Yes, although you’re in it.

Christopher: I’m painfully aware of that. (shudders) What’s the name of this second book?

Me: The Hand and the Eye of the Tower. I should have mentioned that earlier. Not feeling well, lately, sorry, readers. I’m about to crash and go lie down after I post this.

Christopher: First, do you have one of those, oh, what do you call it?

Me: A blurb? Like I said, getting sick has thrown me off, but I managed to come up with this…

It’s a quiet life Danyel and Tayel lead, in a cottage next to a garden right below a hill. No one is near them other than their mother and older brother…or is there?

What is this presence in the ruined tower which keeps getting stronger as their older brother gets weaker? Who is this master whom he serves? Why does their brother weaken while the invisible entity seems to quicken, each stone in the tower breathing and crying out?

Within its walls, a pair of Doors await. Beyond them lies answers and the power to save their brother. Only what path through the shadowy dreamscape will Danyel and Tayel have to walk to find them?

Christopher: You can do better than that.

Me: Oh, leave me alone. I’m just about ready to collapse…

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