Me Me Monday: On Stealing Myself From Shadows


Christopher: So…descriptions.

Me: Blurbs. Blurb, blurb, blurby blurb…they’re called blurbs.

Christopher: Ah, right. Do you have one of these, err, blurbs for Stealing Myself From Shadows?

Me: Heh, keep this up and this might turn back into a normal blog where I actually talk about my releases. All right, here we go…


I was enjoying being a person, playing the role of Gabrielle’s son, returning the fragments of lost souls and memory to those who found themselves within the Navel. A shop is much safer than a forest of hungry shadows or it should be.

Only Damian Ashelocke disappeared from this shop, opening a Door right into the Shadow Forest. He offered me this existence in exchange for that Door. It was a fair exchange…only I know better.

Damian was lured away by the promise of whatever opened that portal to the world of dreams and hungry possibility. Now he’s being hunted.

I can’t leave him there. I must find a Door and open it, re-enter the world which once consumed me even if it means being stolen by shadows once more.


Christopher: It seems different from what you originally wrote down.

Me: It made more sense to let you say it. Stealing Myself From Shadows is in first person after all.

Christopher: My story, the first book in the Tales of the Navel: The Shadow Forest series.

Me: That’s right.

Christopher: What about the second?

Me: We’ll talk about that next Monday…

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