Me Me Monday: An Overview of Tales of the Navel

Christopher: Good day, scribbler. This is the day you promote, strut, and celebrate your Me-ness, right?

Me: (mutters) Never should have let you and Quartz post together. It gave you a chance to bond. You’re developing a seriously bad attitude.

Christopher: And I suspect you’ve done something terrible to Damian so I really don’t care.

Me: You will be reunited with Damian, I promise…what do you want?

Christopher: Your NaNoWriMo project next November is My Tool, My Treasure, right?

Me: Yes, it’s the fourth book in my Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest series.

Christopher: Stealing Myself From Shadows was the first book, even though you’re still revising it, right? This was my story.

Me: Yes, it’s the book which permanently brands me as not being a romance author. Not with the twisted ending I gave you. Not that I planned to leave you there.

Christopher: (peeking into my head and relaxing a bit at what he sees) Why not? *I* was happy. I was with Damian once more.

Me: Yes, but I can guarantee it would make a lot of romance readers cringe.

Christopher: I thought it was romantic.

Me: Well, I’m not sure if people realize quite how twisted you can be, my dear. If The Hand and the Eye of the Tower had been the first book, it wouldn’t have been so bad.

Christopher: Only The Hand and the Eye of the Tower isn’t the first book in the Tales of the Navel: The Shadow Forest series. Stealing Myself From Shadows is.

Me: I like that colon much better than the slash! Ahem, returning to the topic. After posting the preludes here at the Cauldron in ongoing serials, you remember them, don’t you?

Christopher: How could I forget? Waiting for Rebirth was when I first came into existence and met Damian.

Me: While Unwilling to Be Yours is where you introduced Peter.

Christopher: (making a face) And Be My Valentine…Snack was when Peter and I almost became exactly that.

Me: All three of those stories took place before Stealing Myself From Shadows. Since I’d introduced you to the audence it made sense to tell your story first, leaving you at that twisted point before Danyel and Tayel get involved.

Christopher: Some of the scenes in Stealing Myself From Shadows and The Hand and the Eye of the Tower are the same, aren’t they? Only they’re told from my perspective in first person or Danyel’s in third person.

Me: Those were so hard to write! I thought they’d be easier since I’d done the dialogue already but no! I had to go back, double check everything, make sure it was consistent instead of just letting myself write like I do in a rough draft.

Christopher: Stealing Myself From Shadows isn’t exactly a rough draft.

Me: Don’t mention that version. I’m still traumatized every time I think of it. You weren’t really you either. I’m much happier with the NaNoWriMo 2015 draft.

Christopher: Right. The Hand and the Eye of the Tower, the story of Danyel and Tayel became Book 2.

Me: Exactly.

Christopher: It’s strange how I’m in Omphalos and they’re in Omphalos, too. Only they’re different versions of Omphalos.

Me: They’re connected by the Door, the tower, and you. Especially you.

Christopher: I’m not sure what I’m doing in The Hand and the Eye of the Tower. Am I stalking the twins or guiding them?

Me: Heh, perhaps both?

Christopher: Leiwell won’t like that at all. (A tiny smile plays at the corner of his mouth.) Not one bit.

Me: Now, now we’re on the edge of spoiler territory. Let’s not go over the edge.

Christopher: Very well. (He folds his hand and looks innocent, although his eyes glitter.) A Godling for Your Thoughts? is Leiwell’s story, isn’t it?

Me: And Danyel and Tayel’s, along with everyone else they interact with in Omphalos.

Christopher: Their Omphalos starts to become more like my Omphalos.

Me: A Navel hasn’t been opened. It’s more of a village than a town. There’s a lot more characters moving into the area.

Christopher: Because of Seraphix, right? The godling mentioned in the title.

Me: Everyone with a coin bearing the Sign of Seraphix plays a major part. Seraphix, whom is connected to you, even if you don’t remember them.

Christopher: I don’t have a lot of clear memories of before Damian pulled me out of the Shadow Forest.

Me: Hmm, this version of you doesn’t…

Christopher: What’s that supposed to mean?

Me: Let’s just say your actions and the twins in the first two books made Dyvian realize that Seraphix was possible. Not to mention the deeds you’ve forgotten, hmm…

Christopher: Oh, no, I hate it when you hmmm!

Me: I was just thinking there isn’t enough of you in A Godling for Your Thoughts? You should be more prominent.

Christopher: (shrinking back) Uh oh…

Me: I was also thinking I left a lot of the development of the villagers of Omphalos out of the draft I wrote, their individual arrangements with Seraphix or Dyvian, why they chose to make a pact with the shadow turned godling.

Christopher: Shouldn’t those moments be private? Intimate exchanges between Seraphix and themselves? Or between them and Dyvian, the Voice of Seraphix?

Me: Ah, but the story behind their motivations for making their pacts…you could be more involved in those. You should be.

Christopher: I should?

Me: There’s a lot you don’t known about yourself. Memories you’ve left behind in the Shadow Forest.

Christopher: True.

Me: These villagers could contain parts of you. Perhaps that’s why they’re drawn to the twins and Leiwell, whom you’ve given so much of yourself to.

Christopher: Only some of those villagers are drawn to Map.

Me: Yes, Map’s back story returns to haunt her in A Godling for Your Thoughts?

Christopher: Which returns us to My Tool, My Treasure. Whose story is it?

Me: Well, I intended for there to be a lot of Damian and Duessa Ashelocke, but there’s also a lot Dyvian and Leiwell. Along with you and the twins. Fidessa appears, not to mention Seraphix and Their Followers. Anyone whom is someone’s tool and treasure gets a voice.

Christopher: Sounds confusing.

Me: There will be some major rough drafting in November. I’m back to the original mission statement of NaNoWriMo, to crank out the story however I can.

Christopher: Where do we go after My Tool, My Treasure?

Me: Blades of Thought. That’s the fifth book in Tales of the Navel: The Shadow Forest. My Tool, My Treasure is more about the transformation the Followers of Seraphix go through. What they were, what they are, and what they’re going to become. Blades of Thought will be more about what everyone can do.

Christopher: And the sixth book? My Cusps Runneth Over?

Me: Tentatively. The final book is about the climatic consequences of the over all journey.

Christopher: You’re only just deciding on some of this as you talk to me, aren’t you?

Me: Shhh! (mutters) You’ve definitely been spending too much time with Quartz.

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