Me Me Monday: Inspired by Beer

Now for a slightly different Me-ish moment, still connected to my characters, brought on by a flight of beers at the Rock Botton Brewery in Campell.

I decided to write about it while I was sitting there, drinking. Why couldn’t I do something creative while I tasted each one? Why couldn’t I do something creative?

I sipped the first. It was a bit warm, wheaty with hints of hops. Temperamental, that beer. The taste made me think of Quartz.

Quartz: Oi, scribbler! Why are you comparing me to ale? Are you trying to give visiting vampires ideas? (looks around, uneasy)

Hush, Quartz. I’m talking about beer inspiration here. Give me a moment.

The second was a honey hops with more of an emphasis on the honey. I couldn’t remember its name. Perhaps I’d call it Melyssa?

Melyssa: Are you sure the scribbler isn’t the one who’s been turned into a vampire? She’s talking about drinking us.

Not exactly, Mel. Or are you ‘Lyssa right now? No, I guess you’re still Melyssa at this point of breakage in the fourth wall.

The third beer was the hoppiest of them all. Had a temper, that one. I named it Amber.

Amberwyne: How dare you say I have a temper? I’m quite reasonable! Nor am I drinkable.

Melyssa: Oh, I don’t know. (looks Amber up and down in a hungry way)

Amber: (lays a hand on the hilt of her sword): We’re not longer in the same universe. You can’t eat me.

Melyssa: Such a pity.

I suppose I should expect my characters to chime in at this blog. If I wanted it to be about me, I should have gone to….anyway, ah, that fourth beer! Smoky, smoky, with a hint of sweetness…I thought of calling it Damian, no, not Damian. Christopher. This one was Christopher.

Christopher: Relax, everyone. She’s just thinking of us while she’s drinking a beer. That’s not a bad thing. Thinking of us can lead to stories.

Very true…the fifth was refreshing, clean with a touch of gold. Almost sweet…Danyel. That one had to be Danyel.

Danyel: I’m not sure. (inches away from me) She did create the shadow forest and shadows, which feed on the essence of living beings. How can we be sure she won’t drink us…or eat us?

Heh, true enough. At the same time, you’re all a part of me. The last one was cool, fruity, refreshing, yet with a warning sharpness. I figured that one had to be Tayel, sending me a warning through my tastebuds not to even think of drinking his twin, even if it was in a metaphoric fashion.

Tayel: (eyes glittering with light) Not simply a warning in the way you think. Dale Lowry shared poetry submission calls at their site. Use of names invokes the forces of copyright and complications. Simply turning the beers and the essences that make you think of into poetry could be a creative work in its own right.

You’re right, Tayel…so I’m now working on turning the experience of drinking those beers into a poem. It’s called Characterization of a Flight of Beer. It could be rejected, but I’m going to finish and submit it. Wish me luck!

Quartz: (sighs) She goes and does this, yet keeps running out of time to work on our stories.

Christopher: At least she’s thinking of us.

Rhodry: (from the hole) Don’t I at least get to be a beer in our creatrix’s thoughts?

Christopher: (stooping down to glance at the hole) You could be the same beer Damian and I are associated with.

Rhodry: Err, that’s all right. I don’t need to be thought of that badly.

Danyel: (crouches down by the hole) How about being the same beer as me? You’ve been in stories with me in other universes.

Rhodry: That would be wonderful…thank you!

Christopher: (looking a bit sulky) What’s wrong about being the same beer as me?

Tayel: You’re darker. Dark and murky.

Christopher: That’s quite something to say to your-

Tayel: No spoilers!

2 thoughts on “Me Me Monday: Inspired by Beer

  1. Thank you! I’ve missed you and appreciate you stopping by! I’m also glad you drew my attention to this…I used the wrong pronoun for Dale Lowry. I’m going to change it as soon as I get home.


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