7-7-7: The Hand and the Eye of the Tower

And now for something completely unplanned in the middle of the week…the 7-7-7 challenge delivered by Rian Durant via Twitter! I’ve been asked to share the first 7 lines on the 7th page of my Work in Progress!

The question is which Work in Progress do I choose? The ones occupying my mind at the moment aren’t that long.

After due consideration, I’ve decided to go back to A Godling for Your Thoughts?, the third novel under revision in my ambient fantasy series, Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest…


He tried to convince his twin to hide, too, but Danyel was curious. Some of these people were staying, building cottages next to theirs. They planted crops in the formerly empty grasslands between their cottage and the forest.

No one mentioned the tower. Their eyes passed over it as if it wasn’t there.

“Don’t say anything about the hill,” Map warned her sons.




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