Me Me Monday: Conversation in the Corners of My Imagination

It’s Me Me Monday! A day to promote, strut, and celebrate your Me-ness!

In honor of mine, I’ll take you on a journey deep into my imagination…well, all right, not that deep. We’re only going to the fringes where my characters await.

A figure sits, like Rodin’s Thinker, only he’s far more slender and androgynous. He could easily pass for a she or something beyond gender entirely. He rests his hand on his chin, contemplating the shadows churning around him, whispering and hissing.

Careful not to step on any shadows, a dwarf trundles out on stocky legs, smoothing his graying beard. He starts to scowl at the figure, only to relax his brow at the bent shoulders of the neglected character.

“Well, look at you,” Quartz said, for it was Quartz, wandering out of his universe beyond the fourth wall as usual. “Never thought the scribbler would neglect you of all the figments of her imagination.”

“She’s occupied with Danyel and his brothers.” Christopher studies a couple of wispy, slender shapes, even slighter than his own, flitting about each other. “Even their development is being abandoned right now.”

“No doubts for very good reasons, other deadlines, pressing projects, blah, blah.” Quartz lets out a harrumphing sound. “I wonder sometimes about your story and the scribbler. Seems like she gave way too much away.”

“I’m not part of previously published work.” Christopher allows a melancholy smile to cross his face. “Sometimes I wonder if my entire tale will ever be published.”

“You and me both.” Quartz finds a convenient lump of stone, sticking out of the ground, and seats himself upon it. “Used to envy all the attention you got, ongoing stories in the Cauldron three times a week.” He raised a bushy eyebrow at the other character. “Seeing you abandoned after all that makes me wonder if you’re not as sorry as the rest of lurking in here.” He sighed. “Center for a little while, only to be shoved aside whatever else demands the scribbler’s imagination.”

“We’re in better shape than some.” Christopher lifts his head and gestures to a dark hole, which appears in the ground a few feet from Quartz and himself. “Listen.”

The two characters grow silent, pricking up their ears.

A faint sound comes from the hole. It’s a boy’s voice, younger than Christopher, soft and hesitant.

“Um, excuse me? Where am I? What world am I in? I’ve been in so many, had so many names changes. I’m no longer sure who I am, let alone where I am. I’m still Rhodry, aren’t I? I used to be Rhodry Mavelyne. Now I’m Rhodry Nevalyn, right? Am I in a library or a tower? Perhaps both? I’m not sure about my surroundings. They’re dark and fading, I understand that you’re busy, but if you could think of me, from time to time, shine a little light on my existence, I’d really appreciate it. Any snippet of story I could get involved with or a blog post? Please?”

The voice fades away.

Christopher and Quartz look up and stare at each.

“He’s been neglected for far longer than either of us.” Christopher crosses his arms, hugging himself, dropping his head. “I feel a little bad taking Danyel, Tayel, and Leiwell from him, all things considered.”

“He’s been rewritten so many times. Now he’s abandoned.” Quartz examines his beard, sneaking glances at the hole. “If he was a secondary character, I’d offer him an interview…wait a moment!” Both of his thick eyebrows shoot up. “You took Map’s boys from him?”

“They weren’t exactly Map’s boys. Map wasn’t Map either. It was a different universe and they had different names. Rhodry had a different name, too, well, slightly different.” Christopher raises a fist to his lips, giving the other character a sidelong glance. “Now they’re what they are and part of my world. It’s complicated.”

“It’s always complicated.” Quartz chews on his lower lip, considering Christopher’s words. “And that scribbler has to remember it all.”

“Hence the dark moments when she focuses on something else.” Christopher glances into the darkness, seeing the flashes of color from other ideas, other fragments, other stories flying about gossamer wings, only to fall in mid flight. “We’re never far from her imagination, though.”

“Don’t you forget it.” Quartz puffs out his chest. “Don’t you forget it either.”

A smile spreads across Christopher’s face, slow and hesitant.

Well. It looks like those two are bonding. Will miracles never cease.

I’m glad they’ve glimpsed a little of the mess in here. I haven’t forgotten either one of them or their stories.

They’re never far from my imagination.

Neither is Rhodry.

Why else would I use his name as my handle at this Cauldron, the Forbidden Cauldron, my dreamwidth account, NaNoWriMo, Twitter, and tumblr?

Your stories are boiling, being prepared in this Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration. Take heart, for it is eternal and so are you.

I’m not. I’ve got to make the most of every moment I’ve got, to tell as many stories as I can.

Yours included.

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