#RainbowSnippets: Aissa and Polyxena

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Ever since a mythological submission call years ago, I’ve been working on my m/m mythical tale of cross dressing, Aissa and Polyxena.

The first version was rejected.

I made it much longer, over 40 K to meet another submission call.

It was rejected again.

I’m currently looking it over before I pitch out once more…if you see any submission calls you think this fits, let me know?

Here’s the first eight sentences…yes, I went slightly longer in the interests of coherency and drama (bows apologetically)…

Muses may sing of heroic deeds and ancient quarrels. Too often their lips are silent when it comes to hidden truth, even when those truths should hurled into a screaming void of lies.

Too often have tales been voiced of how Achille violated me, decapitated me, delivering unto me many a horrible fate.

This does not trouble him. Achille would rather go down as the most brutal lover in mythology than breathe a word that might bring an end to our strange union… or shame to his beloved.

For shame belongs to me as well for what happened during the Trojan War. I was no less passionate that Achille was, in following my heart away from honor and duty.

It all began with a dream, a fatal passion I imbibed from Ganymede’s cup.


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