Me Me Monday: A Work In Progress

Welcome to Me Me Monday! A day to promote, strut, and celebrate your Me-ness!

I’ve gotten my first celebratory rejection for Wind Me Up, One More Time. Celebratory, because there may be a home for it elsewhere with Mischief Corner Books’ Young Adult line. I just need revise and resubmit.

One of the revisions I’m working on is fleshing out the setting of my story a bit more.

I thought I’d let Nathalie, one of the characters from my story talk about the setting. It’s a town called Verity in which she and Grace (the main character) have lived for most of their lives…


We live in a town where time has stopped. Only traces of the modern, a skycraper here or two peeks out of a landscape of brick and wood. Every once in a while, what appears to be thatch raises its head amidst the dwellings.

At the center of everything is the factory with its clockwork tower.

It’s a place which attracts people who don’t want to move forward, like Ursula Grumple. People who want to dress their daughters in frilly dresses and curl their hair.

It’s odd that Morisot, my adopted mother would choose to settle down in such a place, an independent woman with no husband except for one odd tradition in the town of Verity.

Women are the heart, soul, and blood of the toy factory in the center of the historic part of town, a historic town which thrives with females running the shops and getting their hands callused at the toy company which dominates Verity.

It’s said a girl called Verity is the one who founded this town. She ran away from somewhere else, only to settle down here and sew her fingers off.

Every girl learns to sew here. Those who don’t aren’t all that accomplished.

Yes, we still have accomplished young women in this town from every corner of the globe who grow up to be accomplished young ladies. They sew, stitch, and labor every day often without any help from anyone, allowing their dreams to be crushed under the workloads they carry.

Unless you decide to do something different, like my mother did.

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