Me Me Monday: Danyel and Tayel

Welcome to Me Me Monday! A day to promote, strut, and celebrate your Me-ness!

Two of my characters from my Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest universe are here to argue, err, talk about their favorite colors and their perceptions of the world around them…

Danyel: It’s been an ongoing argument between Tayel and I…green or blue?

Tayel: There’s nothing to argue about. Might as well quarrel with a handful of water which slips through your fingers.

Danyel: I’ve always sensed something very special in the color of a leaf dappled in sunlight. Or a blade of grass, crisp against my cheek while I’m laying against it.

Tayel: Looking up at the sky which covers us with a sea of blue, vast, unfathomable, covering everything below with a comforting blanket of cerulean.

Danyel: The hue of an iris, alight with contentment, pupils gleaming with childlike happiness which he’s more than willing to share with us…nothing is more comforting than that.

Tayel: Blue has an infinity of layers, not always seen, offering possibility after possibility, concealing wonders within.

Danyel: Wouldn’t you like a closer look at those wonders?

Tayel: No. The sky is enough. I can see whatever I wish when I look at my own reflection or into your eyes.

Danyel: Whatever you wish? Are you sure?

Tayel: I don’t need to be.

Danyel: Aren’t you curious about the ocean? We’ve only seen it in pictures. Wouldn’t you like to see all that blue in one place?

Tayel: Anything I’ve dreamed of would only disappoint me in reality.

Danyel: You can’t be sure of that.

Tayel: There you go on again about being “sure”. Nothing is sure. All the more reason to be content with what we have.

Danyel: We can be sure of each of each. Along with Map and Leiwell.

Tayel: If only we could. The garden, our cottage, and the nearby creek might all disappear if we’re careless.

Danyel: Don’t say that! Our home isn’t going to vanish.

Tayel: One never knows what might come and go, crouching on the hill, only to crumble.

Danyel: Are you talking about the tower on the nearby hill?

(Tayel falls silent, studying his twin, not smiling. The silence grows.)

Danyel: Wishing isn’t going to make what we have go away. Just because I’d like to meet another person with green in their soul doesn’t mean the ones I know will disappear.

Tayel: Look in the mirror. New leaves and tender shoots of growth are too easy to trample underfoot.

Danyel: I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult.

Tayel: You’re welcome.

Danyel: I see green not only in leaves and grass, but in kindness. Kindness isn’t that easy to stamp out. Not if someone is determined to spread it.

Tayel: Jealousy grows in the shadow of kindness.

Danyel: What do you mean?

Tayel: Sprouting up with too much eagerness summons the harvest and unappreciative feet. All the green you’ve ever wishing for blossoms within you, but you insist on projecting it on another.

Danyel: I’m not sure whether to thank or be offended.

Tayel: You’re welcome.

Danyel: Who’s around to trample me? The only people we know are Leiwell and Map.

Tayel: Many a possible acquaintance awaits within our hearts and minds. See someone in the shadows and they will stir.

Danyel: Are you saying we can create our own acquaintances? Or that someone or something is waiting for us in the shadows?

Tayel: The former blue is swallowed by darkness. Hungry for more color, he waits, yearning for what he’s lost.

Danyel: Have I ever told you how unhelpful it is when you talk in riddles?

Tayel: You’re welcome.

Danyel: That wasn’t a compliment!


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