#MeMeMonday: Protecting the Lights

Welcome to Me Me Monday! A day to strut, promote, and celebrate your Me-ness!

Leiwell and Map might be proud of themselves and their family, but they’re cautious of showing that pride to outsiders. How to strike a balance between being a part of their world and staying safe in it? Leiwell contemplates this in the next part of Protecting the Lights…


We did our best to work hard, tending those flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Map insisted on doing the bulk of it. I tried to helping with the digging and pulling as much as I could, so my brothers’s hands would remain smooth and unweathered.

“You shouldn’t keep them from work. It does you good, all of you, plunging your hands into the soil.” Map dragged an onion out of the soil for emphasis. “Digging in the dirt connects you to the heart of the world.”

“Too often people are judged by their hands.” I fumbled to express my worry, based on a prejudice held in too many of the worlds I’d walked through. “I don’t want that to happen to Danyel and Tayel.”

“We’ll all be judged by more than our hands if outsiders ever find and catch us. We’re too different.” Map scowled up at the bluff over our cottage for emphasis.

Up there was the road which wagons came from, passing through to somewhere else. Sometimes they stopped to haggle with Mag. Most of them just rolled by.

“We’re lucky.” Map tapped a dirty finger against her nose. “We’ve been ignored. No one has looked too closely at us…yet.”

How her words haunted me. How long would it be before someone stopped on that road and looked at us? Looked long enough to judge us and interfere with us?

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