#MeMeMonday: Protecting the Lights

Welcome to Me Me Monday! A day to promote, strut, and celebrate your me-ness!

Dyvian is certainly trying to promote himself, wooing his creation by taking him by hand, offering a taste of all places Leiwell can go to, as long as he stays by Dyvian’s side. Picking up where they left off on Saturday in Protecting the Lights…


I placed my damp fingers in his and closed my eyes. Nothing existed anymore, only his hand in mine.

“Walk with me.” Dyvian led me, step by step over soft ground which might have been turf or a rug. I couldn’t tell. Nothing solid lay beneath my boots. “That’s right. Just hold onto me. I’ll keep you safe.”

I’m not sure how long we walked before I opened my eyes.

A ornately carved door stood before me set in a dusty wall of bricks.

It led to a hall, filled with statues and marble.

I turned around, gazing at the motionless young men, half covering their naked bodies in each alcove. This place was somehow familar, yet I’d never seen anything like it before.

“You can have anything you wish for here.” Dyvian spun around, robes disappearing. In a pivot on his heel, he was dressed in a velvet doublet with a silk tunic and stockings. “I am the lord of this place. All you have to do is accept me as this.”

I shrank back, only to shudder myself awake upon the cushions on the floor. I was back in the cottage.


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