Me Me Monday: Protecting the Lights

Welcome to Me Me Monday! A day to promote, strut, and celebrate your me-ness!

Leiwell isn’t exactly celebrating, but he’s come to a decision, a resolution, as he picks up right where he left off on #RainbowSnippets…


Perhaps this was why I didn’t resist my master when I dreamed of him again.

Once more, I descended the stairs into a chamber filled with tapestries. I wandered among the sad tapestries of faded events, shivering whenever a ghost of a memory reached out with misty fingers to touch my shoulder.

I allowed them to draw into a cloth landscape of forest, rivers, and the tower looming over everything.

I found myself in the darkness beyond the Door, hungry, fastening its legion of cold mouths to my warmth.

“This one belongs to me.” Dyvian wrapped my hand in his own warmth, stepping out of the shadows. Solid. Seemingly real. “Open up for us. Show us what’s possible.”

He led me by the hand toward a shining crack in the darkness. We’d walk toward it, lifting our hands to shield ourselves from the reality creeping toward us…

…only to find ourselves on a street lined with shrines, gleaming towers sparkling above us. Rainbow water fell from the towers in a cascading waterfall to land in the stream.

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