Me Me Monday: Protecting the Lights

It’s Me Me Monday, a day to promote, strut, and celebrate your Me-ness!

Leiwell is certainly doing that today as he strolls between worlds at his master’s side in the next part of Protecting the Lights, picking up right where he left off on Saturday for #RainbowSnippets…


This time, I grasped his cool fingers, skin tight against the bones. I stroked each digit, allowing my own yearning to seep through my flesh into his.

“My precious Leiwell.” He allowed his voice to thicken with possessive joy and unshed tears before drawing me through one of the tapestries on the wall.

We moved through the darkness, shifting through dreams and lost memories, until we found a Door, moving toward us with gleaming pillars and a hint of the world which lay beyond it.

The two of us found ourselves on the street of a town, with a clock tower at the center and various shops. People in strange dress hurried by. Not all of them were human, just wearing regular eyes, muted irises, and ruddy flesh like a mask.

One glanced at me in silent, secret fear from time to time, only to relax once she looked at my face and my master.

We wandered about, glancing at the various loaves, beads, oils, and a thousand others wares offered in a marketplace where many gathered.

My master found a green scarf, which he tied around my neck. I shivered, heard Map calling from me from a long distance away.
I opened my eyes, found myself lying on the grass, looking up at the hill. Perhaps it had been a dream.

I touched my neck to feel the silken softness of a scarf I hadn’t been wearing before I’d dozed off.

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