#QueerBlogWed: Protecting the Lights

Welcome to #QueerBlogWed, a day to share a touch of the rainbow in our blogs.

This will be the last time this Cauldron will be doing so, although my Forbidden Cauldron will continue to at inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com. What’s posted there will be reflected at my Facebook Author Page. I’m getting a bit overwhelmed with all of my blogging and my Works in Progress, which I’m trying to publish aren’t getting enough attention. This Cauldron will continue to post on Me Me Monday and for #Rainbow Snippets, while the Forbidden Cauldron will shine on #QueerBlogWed.

Not that this is the last of Leiwell or Protecting the Lights. His stories will continue on Mondays  and sometimes on Saturdays, so look for updates on those days.

On that note, this Cauldron will take its last bow for #QueerBlogWed, continuing with Protecting the Lights, right where we left off on Monday…


All of my existence, I’d been one with these woods. For the first time, they turned against me. Branches reached out to claw and make me stumble. Desperation pumped my legs, making me go faster.

I’d betrayed Dyvian. I’d turned against him. What could I do? What would become of me?

Danyel reached out a small hand to touch my chin, offering a little warmth, what strength he could.

No. I had Danyel to look after. I had both Danyel and Tayel. I would protect them. I’d be the best big brother I could possibly be, even if I had no idea how to be a big brother.

It didn’t matter. I’d learn. As long as they needed me, I could do anything. I would do anything!

The air shimmered before me, opening a path to a garden filled with roses. I smelled their sweet scent, offering strength.

Was Damian within actually helping me?

I ran through the opening, feeling reality prickle around me, air, the scent of flowers, the pebbled path beneath my feet. I kept running a few steps, unable to believe I’d escaped.

“You created a Door.” Map puffed behind me, holding Tayel. “Or you opened one which already existed. Not bad, boy.” She smiled at me, bouncing the infant in her arms. “Not bad at all.”

Tayel chirped, almost seeming to agree with her.
This was more gratifying than the most flowery of praise.

“We’ll have to keep the twins away from those blasted ruins on the hill.” Map turned to look at the shadow looming over the garden where the ground rose and the tower kept watch over the land. “Do what you can to make certain parts of the garden uninhabitable before they start growing up.” She twisted her head around to fix me with a piercing dark eye. “Don’t want them to be lured into any Doors by accident.”

“Right.” Danyel and Tayel were infants. This meant they would grow up. Only I’d never gotten any bigger once I left the Shadow Forest. Would the twins be the same as me?

“Leiwell, look at you.” Map cocked her gray head up at me. “You’ve gotten taller, my boy.”

I looked down at the wispy top of her head, aware that I was looking down at my mother for the very first time.

“Ah, I guess growing up is different for us.” Map shrugged, setting Tayel in a more secure hug. “There’s more to it for you than the passing of years. It may well be the same for the twins.”

How right she turned out to be.

To be continued on Saturday…

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