Me Me Monday: Protecting the Lights, Part 4

Welcome to Me Me Monday, a day to promote, strut, and celebrate your Me-ness!

Only Leiwell doesn’t feel much like strutting in the next part of Protecting the Lights. More like cowering…

“Once Upon a Time.” Christopher turned, moving to place his slender form between myself, Map, the twins, and my master. “This is not your part of the story.”

“Ah, but it is.” His voice was deep, ringing with unchecked power. How easy it would be to cast myself at his feet, simply give into his strength. “It’s a beginning for these bright little lives, a once upon a time for two children born from my opposite’s essence.” Dyvian licked his lips. “I might argue it’s more of a moment for Once Upon a Time than it is for Happily Ever After.”

“If you object to my presence, deal with me.” Christopher stretched out his thin arms, a willing sacrifice, ready to steal time for me to escape. “Leave these little ones alone.”

Poor Christopher. Did he really think I’d take advantage of a moment of distraction and run from my master? I had no intention of escaping from Dyvian.

Danyel let out a tiny cry and reached out a small fist toward me.

Only I had Danyel to look after. Maybe I should try to escape while I was carrying him.

“You’re not the only one I want, my dear.” Dyvian fixed his crystalline gaze, so similar to Christopher’s own upon us. Only the colors in his irises were pale, frozen, leached of vitality and energy. Something was needed to kindle the hues within them to, allowing them to flow. Something he hungered for.

Never had I seen my master thus. We’d always shared our hungers and prey together.

This was what it felt like to be in his sights, a potential victim. Perhaps this was how Damian Ashelocke felt, even when he mocked and laughed at us.

“Leiwll is mine. Since the moment he opened those lovely emerald eyes of his, he’s belonged to me.” Dyvian raised a finger in my direction. It was thin, almost bony, lacking his usual beauty. “What’s his is mine, including his younger siblings.”

“No.” I backed away from Dyvian to Map’s side, unable to believe the frail defiance in my own voice. Had I just talked back to my creator?

“It’s all right, Leiwell.” Map stood, squat and grim, yet a bastion of strength in the face of Dyvian’s overwhelming charisma. “These boys don’t belong to you or me but to themselves.” She planted one in the ground, pivoted away while keeping her attention fixed on my master. “I’m here to protect that right.”

She lowered her chin and muttered. “Run, boy. Take Danyel and find the closest Door. Get as far from here as you can.” She cuddled the infant against her bosom closer. “Tayel and I will be right behind you.”

Tayel let out an irritated little cry, protesting the separation from his twin perhaps but no more.

I obeyed. I started sprinting through the Shadow Forest like I’d never run before.

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