#RainbowSnippets: Protecting the Lights

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I’ve got another ongoing Tale of the Navel playing out or rather a Tale of Omphalos called Protecting the Lights. It’s written from the perspective of Leiwell, a character who’s appeared more at the Forbidden Cauldron than here, even though he plays an ambiguous and adversarial role in both Christopher and Damian’s existence. Particularly Damian’s. He’s not a villain, though, not really. He’s going to find he can be quite heroic, especially when it comes to protecting his newly found ‘little brothers’.

Picking up right where I left off on #QueerBlogWed with Leiwell’s master appearing…


He strode through the fiery water in an open robe of midnight green. Flowers were caught in his silvery white hair. Every lock shimmered with frost. A dark cloak spread out over his shoulders, casting its shadow over the flame.

“Dyvian,” I murmured. I lowered my eyes and bowed my head.

17 thoughts on “#RainbowSnippets: Protecting the Lights

  1. You write such great characters! Not to be picky, but I want to let you know the word ‘hair’ was repeated. That’s so easy to do, but my errors are usually much more glaring. ~grin~ Travel safe! It’s so nice of you to venture out for your friends. When I didn’t drop everything and fly to Florida my father quit talking to me. ~sigh~ Thank you for sharing. And Happy Writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I did? Where? (anxiously combs the snippet once more) I can’t seem to find it. (apologetic bow) I’m sorry about your dad. (hugs) Dropping everything and going anywhere is near impossible for anyone, let alone a writer. (more hugs)


      1. Ack! Thanks, Darla and Nephy for pointing that out! I can’t fix it right now since I’m on the road with nothing but my phone, but I’ll do something as soon as I get back to my computer.


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