A Return to Grace

Grace appeared in my Blogging From AZ Project: G is for Grace at inspirationcauldon.blogspot.com.

Now she’s back, taking on a new form in a new draft of Wind Me Up, One More Time.

Here she is…



Hello, I’m the first character our scribbler ever wrote about. She was only eleven at the time. Her best friend, Nathalie, gave her a journal with teddy bears all over it. Our scribbler decided her first story needed to have teddy bears in it. I met one called Ted Edward in the tale she wrote. The two of us saved a princess from a villain called Iama the Terrible.

Ours was a dreadful story. It made our scribbler quite ashamed of everyone in it, even though it was her fault. She didn’t try to improve it, not for a long time. She put the teddy bear journal away, refusing to look at it.

Only when she was published did our scribbler start thinking of her long lost characters from that story. A submission call for steampunk stories made her play with the idea of making Ted Edward Theodora Bear instead. Perhaps turning her into a clockwork bear.

This tale turned grim, dark, and very different than the story’s original concept. The draft our scribbler wrote grew out of control, becoming a complete mess.

A second look at the mess made the scribbler decide to scrap it for parts. Those parts would become a Christmas story. She’d try to return to the original concept of Theodora and I rescuing Princess Nathalie from Iama. (Yes, the scribbler named her princess after her friend. She used to do that all the time when she was a little girl, use her friends’s names for her princesses.) Only this time there’s a twist to the simple plot. Besides our scribbler doesn’t quite want to abandon the themes of growing up and rediscovering lost childhood which inspired the title. Somehow they got lost in the mess of a draft she was working on.

Here’s hoping she finds them again.




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